Went to a violin for oshun

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Well, it was a great party. The lady whos party it was pulled me to the side after the party and started .to tell me things. She's a.big espiritista! She told me to.bathe myself in the monte (woods I guess cuz tgeres no montes in miami) with a bottle of aguardiente and to leave my clothes there and leave in fresh new clothes. The things she.told me about were pretty spot on. I'm just trying to find out if anyone has heard of this. She kept mentioning oggun. She said I might be his daughter. I will know eventually who's my mother & father but I'm just curious about what she told me to do. Any & all input is appreciated!
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  • The spirit of the woods wants to erase your past and give you an opportunity to make a fresh start.I would suggest you find some shoes you are willing to let go of also,(make it a full emsemble of clothes that you leave behind)also try to make the new clothes,brand new clothes and i would wear all white,from the panties and bra to the outer garments in respect to olofi and obatala.what this person told you will transform your life,i would add personal prayers as i disrobe the old and assume the new.This espiritista is more than on the money.All i can further share is if you do this ebbo,do it when the moon is full and fasten your seat belt because you will be thrushed quickly into ocha and crowning with other ceremonies leading to your crowning,finally don't look back at what you discarded,and trust the new spiritual relationship that is about to come alive.You may very well be a great espiritista yourself and your spirits are perparing you to go to work as never before.Clarity and success go before you and with ALAFIA.DO NOT BE AFRAID,EMBRACE THE BLESSINGS OF RENEWAL AND RESTORATION.
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      Wow, your reply made me teary eyed. That's exactly what she was talking about. Thank you so much for your post! I'm excited. How can I find out when the next full moon is? I thought I was supposed to do it during the day. Thanks again!
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      Wow, your reply made me teary eyed. That's exactly what she was talking about. Thank you so much for your post! I'm excited. How can I find out when the next full moon is? I thought I was supposed to do it during the day. Thanks again!
      • Find a calendar with the phases of the moon.The reason why i said do the ebbo when the moon is full is because you want to recieve and achieve the greatest ache poured out to you.The reason why i said when you disrobe,drop your old clothes,don't look back at them is because when they leave your body all the osogbo will be with them,and you do not want to see osogbo.It is very much like the woman that was told to not turn around and look back at the city of gomorra when god said he would destroy it for its wickedness.This ebbo is also a trust thing,Do you trust and believe god for what is about to take place in your life?,do you trust him to do the work without you being a witness?,are you ready to walk into newness?Are you ready for spiritual committment,and complete surrender to orisha?Are you ready to allow orisha to turn your life upside down,shake out all the wrinkles,are put it back together the way it needs to be?Are you ready for a complete change and transformation?Do you honestly trust the invisible world to take care of your visible world?Are you ready for taboos and prohibitions,rules,guidelines and boundaries?Are you willing to let certain folks go and welcome the ones that are predestined to walk into your life?Are you willing to think less about the world for right now and concentrate on you,love you more,develop you,know you and what makes you who you are?Are you ready to learn and follow your destiny and the reason why you were born?Are you ready to work with your powers and gifts?Stay true and humble,cool,calm and collective,be available,approachable,and kind?GOD BLESS YOU TATT.KNOW THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER INTO A SEASON OF DEVINE FAVOR.GET WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU TO GET AND BE RICHLY BLESSED AS NEVER BEFORE.ACHE,ACHE,ACHE.
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          Thank you for your words. I do have faith and I am more than ready. I told my sister and friends I wasn't going to rush getting into the religion. That if its meant to be it WILL BE and that is exactly whats happening. I love it & I'm thrilled. Thanks again! Much love
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            A few years ago I had to do the same,,,and its a emotional, wonderful feeling when you put those new clothes on and make that first step to a new you,,,Emotional,,,Blessing to you..
            p.s. when you remove everything your old stuff; don't forget your hair pins or rubber band from your hair..everything old stay in the past, and walk out the park a different way then when you came in,,New You= New love
  • There are a few spots in miami that can get away as s monte i worked a kariocha for elegua just south of kendall and when we took the iyawoo to the woods it was a huge ass area closed off and where were able to do all the ceremonies and not worry about being interupted it was almost by the monkey jungle
    • Also if i were you with all due respect i would check if its a good idea go clean yourself under a moon of any kind ashupa (moon) could be a force that might not he just right for you. There are plenty of odus that explain this
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        Iboru iboya Awo! Thanks for your input. I will ask the lady who told me. And if I shouldn't do it under the moon then I should just do it at any hour of the day? Oh and can u specify a little where that spot is? My friend is gonna take me and she mentioned some place by south west but Im not sure. Thanks again!
        • I apologize did'nt mean to overstep my bounds,Thanks again awo for getting my foot out of the mess,i certainly don't wish to overwhelm anyone,or give them mis information,I sincerely apologize tatt,Iam sorry everyone.

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