Intimidated by eleggua

topic posted Tue, January 8, 2013 - 8:08 AM by  Gypsie
New to the religion and getting to know different oricha. Have basic knowledge of most n feel connected to ochun yemaya obatala n oggun. Have prayed to them, offered to them, n developing a personal relationship but lately feel drawn to get to know eleggua. Like it is so necessary to get to know him and have been feeling this for a while but I don't really know how to approach. He intimidates me I think bc people say he is a trickster n he plays around w people to teach them lessons. I don't like people who play games so in my mind it kind of intimidates me. My madrina has a really great relationship w eleggua n I plan to talk to her about this. I want to get to know him but I'm scared.aube the whole red and black thing n the brazilians with their little devils/exus kinda confuses n scares me too. I will def go to my madrina but just wondering for some input what are ur experiences n ur personal relationships kind of like w eleggua n anybody who's head is owned by him. My mother in law was told eleggua walks w her n they're close but she is not very interested/knowledgable in the religion so its not worth it to ask her bc even I know more but surely if I love my madrina and also love my mother in law eleggua must be a great oricha to know. I know he's powerful and I also ask for him before talking to the oricha n prayers but I want to feel connected n close like I feel obatala takes care of me or like oggun looks out for me or how I love n admire yemaya and ochun. I'm a little intimidated not just by eleggua but chango n oya too.
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    Tue, January 8, 2013 - 9:54 AM

    HMMM, I guess I would say you may be connecting Ellegua to extraneous imagery that is nor conducive to you building a relationship with him. The devilish imagery connected to Exu makes sense in the context of that religion and does not really signify evil. I am not sure what the red/black color combo brings up in you or if white/black brings up similar emotions but early on all I heard about Ellegua was that he was the Road Opener and Clearer of Paths. The Patakis show how his Trickster nature has led to lessons being learned among some of the other Orisha and how that fly in the ointment is sometimes the exact ingredient needed though you might not think so at the time.

    For me, before I received them, standing in front of the Warriors helped a lot. There was just this certain energy wherever He was placed in the room and the respect and love for Him was present whenever He was attended to. At first I just knew him as Ole Cement Head but whatever form His consecration, he just felt like one cool dude to me. If you give Him a chance, I think you will find He is pretty straight foward at first as you get to know each other...He wants you to know what he is about and what He likes and His personality. Try not to anticipate His upsetting the apple cart or throwing monkey wrenches into your life...He is more than about that. Lukumi offers so many opportunites to get to know Him better, I would just take my time and avail myself of them whenever possible. Just praying to him now is good, attending to Him in the Warriors will be another way, meeting Him through one of his Eleguns may prove another and those who have Him as their Head Orisha have another way still.

    I will say this, in our Ile we had an Aborisha with Ellegua as his Head Orisha who for years was told he needed to be Crowned but was experiencing one setback after another, and a serious lak of funds. Ellegua came down in a Tambor wanting to know why He wasn't in the head of his son yet. After hearing the excuses, he said the Ile was responsible for their own and the next time He came down the situation had beter be rectified (paraphrasing of course, lol). Well the whole Ile paid for his Crowning and worke to make sure it went through as soon as possible and thus was an appreciative, awed priest born so Ellegua is looking out for us and loves us, even if, as with most of the Orisha, He can have his difficult moments. (an angry Obatala is no joke)
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    Tue, January 8, 2013 - 2:02 PM
    What can I say about Elegua....? Hmm....

    Mind you, I am not crowned yet but I have had years of feeling his presence in my life and getting to know him on a very personal level. I am a son of Elegua and I love him so much. It sounds so cliche' but it's true. He has never steered me wrong for good or bad, he has protected me and saved me from so many things in life and he has shown me a world that is more fascinating as each day goes by. I have had my trials, my bouts of depression and hopelessness, but my recent renewal of faith in God, Elegua and all the orisa has done more than inspire me to see and live for tomorrow. Before I found out he was my father, I had about more than a few dreams about him. One dream has been very true and consistent in my life. Elegua told me in that dream that "I am your friend to the end" and indeed he has been my undying friend.

    As a child of Elegua, I am not really mischievous, but when I get with other omo-Elegua (whom I intuitively gravitate towards even without knowing their guardian orisa), I get tangled enjoyingly in their practical jokes and tales of intrigue. We revel together, finding somewhere to laugh in quiet, at the orchestrated "misfortune" of others. I was told that Elegua was with me since I was in my mother's stomach and on more than one occasion, he has saved me from death. Truefully, one more than one occasion, I came close to dying. I used to be in a violent gang and had been involved in shootouts and high speed car chases. The words told to me were "You should be dead, but Elegua has kept you alive."

    Elegua has taken my life from one extreme to another. I grew up in a very rural area in the American South as the only child living on a wooden dirty road off a main highway. My closet neighbor were a husband and wife couple (relative) whose house was half a mile away of family land. We moved to a nearby city in my teens - that where I go involved with gang activity. I went from there to living in every region of this country by the time I was 30, including New York City. In 2000, I was homeless, couch surfing and penniless. In 2009, I was the owner of a multi-million dollar business with two homes, 3 cars and a large family. I got too big for my britches and began to forsake my guerreros. For 3 years, I did not take care of them. The multi-million dollar business diminshed, my homes are in a questionable status, my vehicles threatened and everything crashing down around me. I went through bouts of depression and hopelessness which I am only recently coming out of. I have been back taking care of my warriors for almost a year now. My respect for them has actually deepened more in that year than when I had them the years before. Yet still, through it all, the love Elegua has for me is still there. I love him so much. I remember one dream I had before I got my warriors. I dreamt that I was hugging my lil brother and telling how much I loved him. It was a dream full of emotion. As I was hugging him, hold him really tight, saying, "I love you, man" over and over - my brother (whom I really do love in real life) changed to Elegua. In the dream, I never stopped hugging or telling him I love him. Elegua - my father, my guardian, my friend, my discipliner - my inspiration to live life. I love him and I am positive that once you develop your relationship with him, you will too as with all the orisa. The religion is about love - love of God, love of Orisa, love of the ancestors, love of family, love of the community, love of life and love of Self.
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    Mon, January 14, 2013 - 11:20 PM powerful and scary because the energy known as Esu is so powerful....arguably the most powerful Orisha of all!..My Oluwo likes to point to a tiny speck and say that is God...and everything else... is Esu (specially since God can commit no Esu has to create everything but the perfection that is God) . A good metaphor. I used to wonder why make ebo to any orisha other than Esu? ..but it is the way it is. Also the icon of Esu is much more primordial looking than any of the other Orisha representations..which gives one a visceral dread of Esu (for a beginner/outsider that is)..Omo Esus , from what i've been told and seen..must always be careful/on guard not to lie..cheat..etc...more so than other Omo Orisha. But ultimately....Esu is a guide and u fufill your destiny/purpose. On the other Oluwo likes to say that Esu is your business partner....and should be taken as make deals with him....a diffrent relationship than the other Orisha
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      Fri, January 18, 2013 - 10:03 AM
      Hi everyone, I was taught the Eshu and Eleggua are not the same, they are closely related, but not the same. I get confused when people talk about them as if they were identical. Can you clarify for me how you're using the names? Are you really talking about Eleggua, or about Eshu?

      I learned that Eshu was a little "wilder" than Eleggua, in the sense that he doesn't live inside the house, you keep him outside to protect you, but you don't let him inside because his energy is too hard for most humans to control. Eleggua is the one who lives inside the house behind the door. He's a trickster, but not scary, if you stay on his good side he can be your best friend and he is a very powerful warrior who will stand up for you and help you when no one else will. There's no reason to fear him unless you've done something really bad to offend him, and even then I think he forgives you if you make Ebo.
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        Fri, January 18, 2013 - 6:50 PM
        @ Eni, that's what I have learned as well.
        Eshu always be feed outside of your front door with leftovers, and he must never enter ur home unless ur lookin for CHAOS.... Elegua, well he the kid who hides behind ur front door and plays on...
        @ gypsie
        When I first started learning about Lucumi my first Orishas I learned about was Chango and then Elegua. ( Elegua) can get a little scary but once you approach him and start learning who he really is you'll see he is much more different in whatever image is out there...he is cool, an sometimes get on ur nerves but still rocking Coolness....
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          Fri, January 25, 2013 - 6:57 AM
          hehehe you must have experienced his mischievous side with me he is playful and always likes to hide things from me but to me he's always defended and blessed me my godmother in palo is a daughter of eleggua we have been the best of friends for 12 years now and we hang out together a lot to me she is super cool, adorable and very funny with a very high sense of justice and we always help each other.

          maferefun eleggua and ochun
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    Thu, January 17, 2013 - 6:14 AM
    Four of the closest people to me in my life are Omo Eleggua.. I love them dearly. One of my friends dances tambores, and his Eleggua (Laroye) is the funniest and cutest thing ever. This has made love Eleggua even more!! I agree that some orishas can be intimidating, like Oya and some Changos. I used to be really scared when Oya comes down but since my daughter is hija de Oya, I am no longer scared. You have to get to know these Orishas and build a connection with them. It doesnt come right away. When an Orisha shows you what they are capable of or how much they love you and protect you is when I think you begin to build your relationship with them.

    I used to have no connection with Ochun. Last weekend Ochun came down and grabbed me and told me something about my daughter that nobody knows. She told me to be careful and I started crying.. Just the fact that she pulled me to the side to let me know this, means a lot. So this is kind of how you start building a relationship with the Orishas especially when you dont have santo done. Take your time, dont try to rush and feel like you need to have an instant connection with any Orisha. It'll come.

    Oh, another little story.. I was terrified of Chango because he is so powerful and when he comes down he is no joke. Well, one day Chango came up to me and told me that they say i'm his child, I put my arms out and he hugged me.. He then ran to go get manteca de corojo and put my head down and started seperating my hair and blowing on the crown of my head.. I immediately began crying and felt this strange floating feeling throughout my body. He put the manteca de corojo on the crown of my head and stood back and said "So nobody tries to steal your head that you are MINE!" He gave me another hug and walked away..

    Do you think I am scared of Chango now? Lol No way.. The Orishas are really big and the stuff they are capable of is amazing. Just love them and humble yourself. Dont ask for material things in life because those come and go regardless.. I always ask Chango to give me strength. And I ask Oya to protect my daughter. Nothing big, but it means the world to me.. Good luck girl!
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      Thu, January 17, 2013 - 9:10 AM

      I am trying to remember if I have ever been INTIMIDATED by Orisha and I can't honestly recall having it ever happen. Chango was very nice the first time I met in in an Elegun, fatherly and supportive and offering words of wisdom....rather laid back and good natured. Some months after in another though he was all business, very commanding, and went into every crevice of the space making sure everyone stood in His prescence...the infirm were not let off the hook that day. Another time He was quite sprightly and appeared younger than what I had been used to.

      Oshun was not the meeting I expected...Her beauty, joyous and loving nature, and sweet dispostition I was prepared for. The Oshun I encountered was NOT sweet and rather stern. She was not mean or anything and hugged me and all but not quite what I was expecting. Months later I saw Her very sweet, enjoying the drumming and singing and honey. I think any Orisha in a sour mood can throw one for a loop though an sometimes the Ache They bring can be overwhelming.

      Palo spirits have been intimidating to me on occasion however and took some getting used to.
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    Thu, January 17, 2013 - 8:55 PM
    gypsie i know what you mean about eleggua seaming like a bad orisha.....i am also very new to this religion and alot of articles paint him up like a trickster and his colors are black and red but really he is the absolute best thing that could have ever happened to me. For years i was searching and searching, my egguns kept guiding me towards the spiritual side of things. i grew up with a catholic dad and a christian mom but thank god i have aunts and uncles who were tarot readers so i learned early on about the spiritual side of things and my gifts...ghosts scared the crap out of me but hey when you can see and not just the bad i saw everything the good with the bad so i thank god i was never alone and my spirit guides brought me to my madrina after so many years of feeling lost.

    she told me i had a bad spirit attached to me and after i had my cleansing that i would need elegua so he could open my doors to my future that was waiting for first like you i was intimidated and a little worried but after i finally got him in my home wow! i could actually feel the energy in my house changed...i felt the air was clean because you know he keeps you're home free of bad spirits and i do a ritual for him every monday(his day) and i can't hear him like most people say they do but i get feelings as if he's talking to hey you forgot to give me this or it's time for my bath hahaha....don't worry he is the best!!....and he is the one you need to open the roads to you're destiny!!

    i received him first along with my elekes but very soon i will be receiving the guerreros madrina tells me that he keeps coming up in the reading asking about the rest of the warriors lol...i guess when he means it ...he's like hurry a little child he can get anxious lol
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      Tue, January 22, 2013 - 7:31 AM
      I love all of these response thank u! I did a reading shortly after and it came out that he to me is like an older brother who may tease u or want to teach u tough love but also has a very soft side and will never abandon u. So I guess it was the very beginning of the start to a friendship w him. I love what was said about feeling like eleggua is saying..."it's time for my bath" lol that's so cute. It reminds me of what my madrina says she is very close to him and talks with him the most in her prayers. Thank u for all the info. I know brazilians do a lot with esu I don't really know about that there are lots of them I rather start with eleggua first now that esu stuff def scares me lol. All in good time I guess. It's a powerful religion for see but NEVER boring
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        Tue, January 22, 2013 - 12:53 PM
        I had a situation (for lack of a better word). Went to my Padrino at the time, got a reading was told that Elegua says that everything was going to be alright.

        Far from it. Still living through it.

        Although I have to admit that even though things didnt work out according to my definition of "alright".

        I have been taken care of.

        Doors opened up for me that allowed me to get through it without to many scars. But I have to admit that since this situation has come into my life, I have been intimidated by him. Havent gone near my guerrerros in over a year because of this. Walked away from the Ile I belonged to as a result, questioning if this life was for me. Intimidated? Afraid? Ungrateful? I dont know. Just wish I could get past this and dont know how.
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          Tue, January 22, 2013 - 4:11 PM
          Forgive me Johnny, but you are only making things worse by ignoring your warriors. If you have the warriors, it's your responsibility to honor them, take care of them, feed them, you can't just walk away. If you had a traumatic event and you needed to leave your ile and your godfather, that happens sometimes, I'm very sorry for your trouble, but we should not put our faith in human beings, we should put it in the Orichas. You can abandon your ile and the people there, but not the Orichas. Did you consider that maybe the reading you got from your Padrino was wrong? People make mistakes. Or if you were told things were going to be alright, your padrino should have explained to you very clearly that it doesn't mean you will necessarily get what you want or things will work out the way you want, sometimes we have to go through revolution and change before we can move in a new direction, eventually you will find yourself in a good place but not necessarily where you wanted to be, not the way you wanted. The Orichas don't always give us things we want, but they give us what we need, even if we don't know it at the time. Even if Elegua slapped you upside the head and "punished" you in some way, it is ultimately for your own good, to get you out of your cycle and get you into a new one, or to teach you a lesson, to make you pay attention and change something that needed to be changed; he is a trickster but he's not mean, he's not going to hurt or destroy you just for the fun of it. If you didn't do the ebo you were supposed to do, and if you are ignoring him and not treating him right, then yes, things may go badly for you, you turn your back on him, he turns his back on you. If I were you, I would try hard to get back in his good graces, apologize for ignoring him and the other warriors, start refreshing them and taking care of them, pray to them, show them you are obedient and respectful toward them. Otherwise, you probably need to think long and hard about turning in your warriors and breaking with the religion in a formal way. I hope it won't come to that. I am not making light of your scars, I am sorry you've had such bad experiences, but in my mind this is just all the more reason you need to get close to your warriors. I think you will find the problems are not with the warriors but with the people surrounding you.
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            Wed, January 23, 2013 - 12:46 PM
            Eni - Thank you for taking the time to respond.

            Please clarify; "If you didn't do the ebo you were supposed to do, and if you are ignoring him and not treating him right, then yes, things may go badly for you" .

            I never stated that I didnt do Ebo. There was an ebo prescribed and it was carried out.
            I never missed my Monday Mojuba and also always gave him whatever was asked of me. Even if I couldnt really afford it. Always the first one I said hello to when I came in the house (3 knocks) and the last one I said goodbye to when I left. So he was never ignored.

            Its today that I find myself struggling with this issue. And if by saying that "things may go badly for you" are you implying that if I dont get over this "issue", bad things are going to happen to me?
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              Thu, January 24, 2013 - 7:30 AM
              Hi Johnny, I'm not implying anything, I was just putting out some possibilities, not knowing the situation. If you feel the reading you got was totally accurate, you have faith in your godfather's ache, you did all you were supposed to do, then I don't have any explanation for why Elegua would cause trouble for you. I was just worried that you say you are not attending your warriors now, and that you seem to have bad feelings toward Elegua, I wonder how things are going for you, under those circumstances? I have known other people who ignored Elegua and the warriors and things went badly for them. I didn't mean to make a blanket statement about you, I'm just saying what my experience has been. I hope you find some peace of mind. Blessings to you.
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                Thu, January 24, 2013 - 10:16 AM
                Eni - Its not that I have bad feelings toward him. Its that I became intimidated of him after this happened.
                Other than this situation I mentioned above, right now things are going well for me and I hope to get it resolved this year.

                My issue is that I have been searching for spirtuality since I was a child. I always had this feeling of emptiness in my gut that was filled after I went through my first ceromony (Collares). It was an emptiness that was never filled by any other form of religion or spirituality . From Catholic school for twelve years, Nondenominational Christianity, Islam, etc...none of it resonated with me. Lukumi has a philosphy I can embrace and I had hoped to move on to become a priest so I can help people.

                Anyway, thanks again you for your words. I will definitely think on them.
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              Thu, January 24, 2013 - 6:23 PM

              Sorry to hear about your rough road....but the most powerful awos I've known (and most powerful in other paths)..have had a very rough look at it from that perspective. ...A very difficult time..whether through the toll you pay for real spiritual power..just my experience ...But the real source of one's spirtual power/height is one's destiny plain and simple. It can be rough...and also difficult seeing others who appear to an outside have a smooth path in this or another path..while u go through hell..but remember ..unitl they put you in the ground.. the game (at least for this lifetime) is not over...and things can smooth out...we just need a little push and shove to align w/ our destinies.
              btw..the part about the wrath of the Orisha if u do not do your prescribed ebo once or twice...may simply be a thump on the head....i.e a traffic ticket....etc...but do refuse to do ebo..when w/in one's means and after u are initiated...only brings trouble./ PLUS REMEMBER THAT THE ORISHA CAN ONLY GIVE OR TAKE FROIM YOU IF YOUR ORI/DESTINY ALLOWS IT TO HAPPEN.So in essence it is really your Ori who is punishing u(prob since u are not alligning w/ your destiny)...rather than looking at the Orisha as punishers...although (i it appears as the Orisha ..or even IFA are punishing u.
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          Tue, January 22, 2013 - 8:37 PM
          Oh wow... I am sorry to hear of your situation. I am not here to preach because I am in no way, shape, form or fashion to do so. Not at all. I guess questions you want to ask, if you haven't already...

          1. How did I come into this religion?
          2. What did or do I expect to gain from being involved in this religion?
          3. What occurred to make me question if this religion is for me? Why?
          4. What did I not like with the ile I was involved with?
          5. Can my needs be potentially addressed by joining another ile?

          In regards to Elegua, I turned my back on him and the rest of my guererros and I paid for it big time - I am still paying for it. Needless to say, I have returned back to the religion and my orisha. It's been almost a year now. My relationship with them I believe is better than before. Before it was more superficial, now there is a deeper emotional commitment, respect and appreciation. Again, I am still suffering for my mistake (decision), but all and all, I love my orisha - even if things may not be the best for me at the moment.

          I wish you well and pray that you make the best decision for yourself.

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    Sun, February 3, 2013 - 6:29 AM
    elegua is nothing to be affraid of.. being a good person is almost certainly the way to get his attention.. this religion.. this world is balance.. light, darkness, thick, thin, black, white, good, evil and anything in between.. orishas do not think nor will they act like humans would do.. orishas see you for who you really are, your soul and heart.. your pure sides and even your flaws.. dont be scared to interact with god or with his energies( orishas ) .. keep a clean heart and be honest..
    if you have you guerrero's (warriors) take care of them.. talk with your elegua.. he doesnt get enough of eating, loves his fruits, candy, rum, cigars, and his epo (palm oil & honey) dont spoil him though!
    you will find yourself getting more comfortable with him every session.. remember sacrifice is what an orisha loves to see most in a person.. by that i dont mean giving them a chicken everyday.. i mean your inner sacrifice.. listening to their advices.. striving to be a better person.. for the ones around you and the world.. striving for religious knowledge while not lacking fysicial knowledge..respect and being humble.. never overflow your cup.. give positivity to receive positivity..
    im an omo elegua i had my guerreros for a couple of years before i finally made osha .. before that i used to have a little elegua that i would carry around in my left pocket... and he didnt stop to amaze me getting me out of all types of situations.. just to know i had someone lookin out for me was this great feeling which made me more dedicated to get my life together and live by god.. most of my friends would have a brother or a cousin fighting for them meanwhile i was gettin myself in all types of situations where i was on my own.. affraid.. but i would still make it out alive.. that time i didnt knew about the orishas.. and i was praying everyday for god to give me a path to come to him... to get to know him and for him to teach me about his creations.. and there it was.. "orisha"..
    maybe it sounds a little dreamy.. but its not.. it can be as real as you want it to be..
    the pataki, characters of the orishas, odu, theyre simply a guide explaining to you how these energies manifest and interact with life on earth and beyond it.. orisha will teach you how to live life the way you were meant to live it.. its up to you how you will learn or listen.. elegua is no different.. let his energy be welcome in your life.. and if it will occur that you feel like you are being taught a lesson..dont take it to personal.. its because they feel like u didnt finish your school of " Life " yet.. and let me assure you.. none of us have!

    Elewa, Bara tente onu ma ni ko ma ni ko doro!

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    Re: Intimidated by eleggua

    Mon, February 4, 2013 - 8:20 PM
    I know this post is a month old, but I wanted to respond... Eleggua has walked with me since I found this religion, he let me know from the moment I received my warriors that he had my back. He shows me lots of love and never abandons me, and when I'm extra loving and good with him, life is sweet. He knows my struggles and I trust that he shows me the way that I'm supposed to be headed. When you don't physically have orishas with you, I can imagine it being difficult in getting in-tune with their energies. You love Oggun, and you should consider the team that Eleggua, Oggun, and Ochosi have together. Eleggua and Eshu are primal energies of the earth...and although Eleggua is always labeled as the trickster, he is also the Messenger of Olofin, he is your first protection on this earth, he guards your footsteps, your path, your entryways, etc. And what is considered to be tricks or lessons are really guidance. If you don't listen, then he makes the lesson harsher.
    The colors, Red and Black, too are interesting how they are used... red and black flags are used in alliance with an upheaval of change (i.e.various revolutionary movements) or signs that are warnings or to "do not" do something (like No Parking, No Smoking, etc.). I remember being an aleyo, too, and noticing that when I'd go out at night I'd keep running into people wearing red & black...hanging out at corners, selling stuff on the sidewalk, and so on. That is Eshu energy running the streets, and if somebody said hello, I'd be polite say hi, have a good night, and I'd see them as Eleggua making himself known that he had my back as I made my way somewhere.

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