Odu Ogunda (7-3)

topic posted Wed, November 30, 2011 - 8:14 PM by  Tamara
Who can tell me more about this? A friend of mine performed a reading and this was the result.
I would like more insight of what this means
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    Thu, December 1, 2011 - 4:08 AM

    Without answering the specific question, I would like to caution you about a common issue people have with this subject.

    Since there are only 256 Odun in Ifa, and taken together, they are the source of everything in the world... there is a LOT of information in each one. The function of the diviner is not only to reveal information, but also to sort through it and present only the relevant pieces. Each odu has specific predictions for men, for women, often for men and women in specific situations (needing a job, seeking a relationship, pregnant, etc.), and only some of this material will be relevant. For example, in Odi Ogunda, espionage and recording are born; if a government official is getting a reading, this is completely relevant - if a woman wanting to know how to get pregnant is getting a reading, probably not so much.

    In addition to this, orientation (ire/osogbo) and the specific KIND of ire or osogbo each speak to what the Odun is saying in prophecy. Most Odun have a mixture of good and bad in them, since life itself is a mixture of good and bad - again, it is the job of the diviner to determine which of these things are relevant and which are not. This is also why everyone advises people to get a competent diviner - if it was as simple as opening a book, then everyone would initiate, divine for themselves and then just look it up :)

    Iboru iboya iboshishe

    Ogbe Di
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      Thu, December 1, 2011 - 7:22 AM
      I Agree with ogde di, you'd need to find out if ire/osogbo very important then to find out either what type of ire/osogbo and brake the odu down. So that you get the correct message. but I would like to add this is a very powerful odu.
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    Thu, December 1, 2011 - 8:58 AM
    Hi Tamara,

    Odi Ogunda is a very strong Odu, and without knowing the orientation, there are only a few generalizations that would apply.

    But more importantly, once an Odu opens on the mat it is up to the ashe of the diviner to know which areas of the Odu's energies are specifically relevant to you. And once Orisha closes the Odu, everything that was said by the diviner is all that was meant to be told to you.

    Did your friend not mark the Odu? Did your friend not tell you the Orishas who spoke? Was larishe required?

    To simply say you would like more insight into this Odu is fine, but realize, every Odu has literally hundreds of possible outcomes depending on your Ori, the orientation in which the Odu was opened, and if any larishe was required.

    Odi'gunda in either orientation is a very serious energy. If you came in any form of osogbo, your friend should have warned you to be very careful around weapons of any kind, and to always avoid violence (i.e., if you're walking down the street and you see a fight break out, turn around and find a new route to your destination - do not strike anyone in anger - etc.) In addition, again if you're in any of the osogbos, you would need to be wary of sexual assault/rape, as well as STDs from consensual activities (this Odu is where Ogun raped Yembo).

    But even with these examples, unless we know which osogbo came, we cannot say how directly they apply to you. Again, these were just examples of what is in Odi'gunda.

    Sorry these replies are not what you're hoping for, but that is because in this religion, what matters is what the diviner (and your Ori) dictate during the dialogue with Orisha as the Odu is opened, marked, and closed. Only your Ori and Orisha know which aspects of the Odu are relevant to you. And once the Odu is closed, that's all you needed to hear to progress at this time.

    Best wishes,

    Jim / Ogun Funmito
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    Fri, December 2, 2011 - 9:54 AM
    Sorry I should have given more information on the reading;

    The major subject my friend touched on was infidelity, i should not carry a weapon, and i need to get along with my mother more often.
    Also that all of the "bad luck" i am having is because I reached a cross roads at one point and I did not choose the right path.

    I should also note that my friend is initiated in the religion but he was just practicing. At the same time I was a little shocked at how accurate some of the things he mentioned were true

    I believe he also said something about Yemaya.

    Sorry if it seems like I know nothing about this but it is only because I am VERY new to all of this and the more strange things occur to more I research and start to believe in the religion.
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      Fri, December 2, 2011 - 1:49 PM
      If your friend hasn't been presented to the mat by his godparent, he shouldn't be opening an Odu for anyone. And of all odu to open, that's a lot of energy that now needs to run its course.

      Opening and marking an Odu is not a "technique" we practice, it's a very real form of energy manipulation. Not saying this to scare or upset you, but I would defnintely not continue to be read by that person (unless he's been presented to the mat and has the right to read for others).

      If you were in any type of osogbo with Odi'gunda, I would also recommend you do not go into any cave-like structures (dark rooms, parking garages, tunnels under highways, etc) that are dark or have very poor lighting. Also, be very wary of stray dogs (again if you're in an osogbo). The dog betrayed Yembo in this Odu and that's how Ogun found and attacked her. In this odu it is also possible for any weapon in your home that you keep for your own protection to be used against make sure things like sharp knives or any type of landscaping equipment with blades are well stored and not easily accessed or in plain sight.

      That's the best I can say at this time.

      Best wishes,

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      Re: Odu Ogunda (7-3)

      Fri, December 2, 2011 - 6:02 PM
      Hi Tamara,

      If you had gotten a very positive reading with accurate elements, you might have been tempted to keep letting your friend practice with you.

      This way, you learned your lesson--no more practice readings for you! And if this reading puts you on a path of deeper learning and faith, then may your journey be a blessed one.

      take care,
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        Sat, December 3, 2011 - 10:07 AM
        @ Tamara I'm gonna agree with Jim on some of the stuff he had mention, but I'd also like to add hopefully when this person what just practicing with you that ( hopefully ) was not use his sea shells of elegau. My take on that is if his god parents are teaching him and he is useing his practice sea shell's then I feel it's ok because that odu is not being truly marked. It's good to practice just don't use your own sea shell's to practice till you have worked out all the little kink's :)

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