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hello everyone,Blessings to everyone. I want to do a real nice altar for oshun just to give her offerings and show her love,I want to give her a lot of a lot of jewelry(expensive),food,dolls,etc,a real nice table just for her.What are some of the things she really likes? also home made things to make for her,thank you so much. I know the basic things she likes is pumpkin,honey,candy,but I want more for her.
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  • Bendicion,

    HMMMMM, I would probably ease up on the expensive jewelry though a few very nice items you especially associate with Her would most probably be appreciated. I would probably not have a doll just my Ile dolls are given per request by Oshun and for specific reasons. Food could be kept to a minimum as well though pumpkins, honey, nice sweet oranges and nice elegant candies would be nice. Yellow is her color so the table should be covered in such colored cloth. Sunflowers, maybe dethorned yellow roses (5 or multiples thereof, I like 25), a brass bell perhaps, peacock feather fans or any nice fan, yellow candles......a perfume you wear only for Her. The more organic matter you have, the more you will have to dispose of properly...I would not just throw Her foodstuff in the trash afterwards, for example. You do want to give Oshun enough wiggle room so when the time comes, She can make Her own suggestions as well. Personal altars can be a powerful tool to start connecting to the Orisha but know that if and when you become more involved in the Religion, whatever you set up now may be radically altered. Try to keep it simple.....Oshun has a tendency to make you wanna go overboard, so adored can She be. The love for Her that comes from your heart and soul is always welcome...She seems to have gotten quite a hold on you. I also love, love, love Her. I would try to get to know at least one other Orisha as well or at least be open to their lessons and wisdom as well.

    Take Care and Be Well
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      Thank you Im going to message you
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        I would offer two pieces of information here.
        1. ALWAYS start and focus your attention to ANY Orisha in their natural environment. - A simple, regularly scheduled visit to and prayer/ small offering at the river for Ochun will yield much greater benefit than all the pretty fans and mirrors you can buy.
        2. Old Santeros will tell you to be careful of offering too much or too many items sacred to that Orisha. -The reason is that sometime in the future you may pull an Odu that would normally require an ebbo with a certain ingredient in it. Yet you have already given that item, therefore negating, or at least causing substitutions to that ebbo.(e.g. don't give a ladder to Obatala or the horse bit to Oggun until they ask for it in ebbo. This line of reasoning continues even once you make santo.)
        • Bendicion,

          Lubana, I also agree starting and focusing attention to Orisha in their natural environment is a wonderful place to start but it has already been mentioned in this Tribe the value of simply going going to the river with small offerings and prayers. Sometimes I feel in starting communion with Orisha , one may have such an overwhelming experience as to have an intense need to express it, make it made manifest somehow with a physical representation of ones love and a personal altar. Again with these, simple is best. I was throwing out some things for you to pick and choose from earlier. not necessarily suggesting you have all such items on at once.

          In however the approach please remember you are seeking communion with the Orisha and that outcome is what is most important.... getting to know Oshun, in this case. Do not mistake the altar for the Orisha and again what you can immediately give from your heart and soul is always welcome.

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