useing eggs for a witch craft cleaning

topic posted Tue, April 20, 2010 - 6:39 PM by  luz
i went to a espiritista 2 days ago she read my hand, and told me a have some witch craft spell done on me,
and i believe her her reading was accurate and made alot of sence why my life was going down the drain.
she she cleaned me today with 2 eggs i purchase myself at a store and took them to her, so everything was fine she did the ritual prayer and when she finish she put the eggs in a plastic bag gave me a cross and i hit it and when open it was black inside like a long black worm i felt dizzy i wanted to throw up, she told me that was the spell i had on me for year,
my question is is this real can this happen or is there a tick where she couldve change the eggs? i saw everything i want to believe but i did go to the bathroom for 5 seconds and left the eggs on the table with her? i dont know what to think, maybe she is real is this a normal prcedure to cast a bad spell black inside an egg?
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  • This is my first post on this website so please forgive me for not introducing myself yet.

    I would like to start by saying that if any Wiccan cast a negative spell on you then I feel sorry for them. By rights of our own religion (I am Wiccan) they would be suffering 3 times as much as they sent to you. This would probably be done by someone who doesn't know any better and has no true respect for the religion or themself.


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