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i jus performed an egg cleanin on myself yesterday and completely 4got about it... all of a sudden i started 2 wonder y things were goin so good well not really good i jus felt refreshed and uplifted then i remembered that i did the egg cleanin.. so its not like it was psychological... although i feel like i need a deeper cleanin..i really think the egg cleaning worked... how often should 1 perform this??
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  • It depends... If I am into more spiritual stuff than usual... I do them daily and it works wonderfully, but it does not take the place of a proper cleaning.
    Oh and I just remembered your situation... it would be good for you to keep a glass of water with an egg by your door and under your bed... if no cracks and bubbles...all is well... if you do see any cracks it is an indication of some ill taking place... there are so many things you can do with eggs... I even use them in divinations.
  • I totally agree with crystal .. i meant to tell you eggs can be the base of anything you need to purify , if you feel that your room is heavy put three eggs in back of your door change them as often as needed if they start to smell ..change them . another thing is basil bathe in it alot of it it very good for protection .
    Im glad it worked ive also read about outting eggs under your bed over night to find out if you re being hexed in the morning you should crack them open if the inside is red not good but i will be posting more spells to come .
    Blessings ...
    • 7 eggs in a bowl of raw rice under your bed to keep your man from straying .... rub an egg from head to toe, crack egg in glass of water (whites only) and note the form that appears....
      • wow..Crystal...7eggs in a bowl??;-) man wont even go to work(LOL)...naaa. but thank u for shareing that...but must agree with u girls..eggs are very good to use..even the whitingof an egg is good for bano's..(spiritual baths)..only the white stuff..with cascarilla.holy water..goats milk.....or even a few drops of plain milk with whte flowers and rosemary leaves...or menta..and florida water ....its good to refresh the spirit with in..
  • Alaafia,
    Im a little confused about this post and the thread that follows. The information presented is very interesting and probably helpful to some but I am wondering what all of this has to do with "Santeria".
    The topic you have chosen along with ALL of the responses are really good info if you are practicing Hoodoo but I see no connection to Santeria.

    You are experiencing the "clean" feeling from the egg because of the ruling Orisha. The egg belongs to Obatala, the owner of all that is white and pure.

    Finding out more about Obatala may help you on your quest for information.

    • hello Oro...;-) im sure no one here is trying to mix anything up or confues anyone...but the post is in regards of egg cleanings..which is done in many diffrent well in santeria,,,,we are just shareing thoughts on how its worked for us in diffrent being hoodoo..21 divison...santeria..palo..and so on..these cleanings are done every where...maybe not in the same form..but its something being used in many other paths..
      so the thoughts here are just expanding for better understanding...even if its being posted on a diffrent tride...this person is just wanting to hear the diffrent thoughts on this matter regarding egg cleanings.;-)..but thank u for shareing your point..u are 100% right on the Orisha ruling on this cleaning in the santeria path...ach my brother..(smile)
    • Hello Oro,
      Sorry for the confusion but my response was not one with santeria in mind but of the many uses of eggs in the spiritual or magical sphere.... I only shared what was passed down to me ...
      But I do thank you for the info you shared about Obatala bcz I did not know that ... now this is what its all about... sharing and expanding... each 1 teach 1

      The Crystal Goddess
      • bless it be my sister(wink)...;-) and may everyone here have a good day.and be full of lov and on my way to work..(yuck!!)..giggle-giggle..
        • Interesting, yes very interesting, in 21 divisiones eggs are related to Santa Clara, Damballah, the guedes (mostly the guedes, santa marta la dominadora, guede limbo, el baron, most of ghedes). So there are egg cleannings that are performed in the cemetary, specifically in the Baron tomb (the first grave digged in a cemetary), the person stands in front of the cross of that tomb passes the egg from head to toe, turns back, and throws the egg away, with the intention that the egg crashes in a distance away. There is a prayer named "Oracion a San Luis Beltran" that is performed with an egg while praying it rub the egg in crosses all over the body, but mostly head, chest, neck, stomach, arms and legs, when you finish the prayer go outside your house and splat the egg in a wall outside. There are a lot of egg cleanings, those are the ones i remember for now. Santa Clara cleansing eggs, you must have amoniac, florida water, holy water, a glass of water, a white candle, and of course an egg. So you rub a little amount of amoniac on your body, better if naked, then rub florida water, and after holy water (in that order) light the candle and make a huge cross with it from your head to your feet and arm to arm in the front and in the back, pass the egg in that same way, and after that break it into the glass of water, keep the candle light and place it in a white dish next to the glass with the egg, make the prayer of Santa Clara, asking for clarity in your mind, in your life and spirit, then when the candle is finished throw the glass with water and egg by the toilet and flush it away asking all the dirt goes away from you. As i said, there is a lot of egg cleansings.
          • Mel
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            Does anyone know of a practioner in Ontario (Toronto or surrounding areas, or even ottawa or montreal or anywhere inbetween) who does egg cleansing for clients? I am in need of a curandera or curandero who is able to remove &destroy spells (brujerias, maleficios, mal de ojo, mala suerte etc...). I've tried some psychics who advertised in the papers, but none were able to do the job. Can someone recommend me someone who they know and does good work and can guarantee their work?

            Please help!!
            muchisimas gracias
            • mel..sorry i dont know anyone there...good luck on that.
              • hi,I´m from Germany,sorry for my english! :)
                I `m a single mum,I´ve cancer myself and I´d like to do the cleansing egg,I´ve read alot of spells and ways to do this on the internet and I´m
                not sure the right way to do it by my own,anyone can help please?
                I want to realease my illness trought the egg.
                Thanks alot!
                • My goodness... where are all these alts coming from.... there've been an upsweep in the last two days... hmmm.
                  But Susan to be on the safe side, cuz I know a lot of outside emails makes room for spam, someone can pm you on your tribe messages... works just as well without the risk of getting spam messages... OK.
  • a palera encouraged me to do this I should really I've one it at home but that were not her instructions,

    her instructions were to rub it over my head to the left - right 3X around my head, tright to left around 3x, then up to down 3x from my head then rub it all over my body toss it over my shoulder and walk away and don't look back wherever it lands

    i tried the one where you rub it all over you and crack the egg in a glass of water and look for the shape of an eye - it is really soothing the feel of the egg especially over the eyes

    its suppose to get rid of bad energy caused by the evil eye

    - As for eggs belonging to Obatala is it just the white eggs that are bleached? and even when I was doing the egg wash I was wondering if I should use natural looking brown eggs, organic eggs and I'm sure white eggs are fine but does it make a difference?

    I was wondering I read somewhere I forgot where that eggs generally had some representation linked to snakes even though these are hatching chickens and I was thinking most snake eggs are white or white and speckled with grey spots. most reptile eggs are white and since the chicken eggs are bleached white they are more representative of the snake eggs

    Snakes in Ifa religions are highly respected and do not have a bad rap the way its associated in Christianity
    • what does it mean when egg white is reaching to surface of glass and there are lots of bubbles.
      • when it reaches the top...things have been they say...;-) but many people learn diffrent things...if its verys...the white will do that anyways...the main thing is..if it reaches the top or not...theres a big secrete behind that..;-)
        • Thanks CC, do you know what the secret is? or how to read it?
          • yes sweetie..but thats why its called a secrete..(smile)..u learn these things through your eggun..but hay..everyones eggun is diffrent..they may have books on them..but i dont know of any..sorry...
            my friend...always remember this..everything is not always learned from a book..sometimes is good to read on get a better understanding...but theres alot of things one may not find...thats when the learning comes from with in...the spirits and saints them-selves...sorry i couldnt help much..
            • I found dis thread n I love it... Never had heard of egg cleansings but ill def give I a try... And the 7 eggs in a bowl of rice? How cool is that... I love to cook/bake so I always have eggs around lol can't wait to do the bano

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