what are oyas children characteristics ?

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what are the basic characteristics of oya's children? I know it varies but what are your personal experiences?
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  • Hello,

    during my mano my head was marked with oya. I do not really know, if oya´s children have certain characteristics because there is no other omo oya that i know personally. The stereotype that oya´s children tend to practice witchraft is in my case true. I love the occult science and everything what is connected with that topik. With the muertos i do not have much experience because in the western way of magic the working with muertos is irrelevant.
    My problem with characteristics of a group of people with a certain orisha is the point, that this psychological view is quite new. Does someone know why we have a specific head orisha and how ori chooses this orisha?

    kind regards
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      yeah I wanted to know that they choose us?but nobody seems to answer that.its like a big secret
      • Our destinies are marked before we come to earth, only Orula knows our destiny. We find out through divination and ceremony who has chosen us when and if we get crowned. I don't think it's our place to know why a particular Oricha chooses us,we are the children born of them, do we ask our earthly parents why they chose us as their children? This is an ancient religion, and part of it involves accepting things the way they are, not questioning. It's not bad to question, but you have to accept that some things have no answer, or only Orula knows. That's how it is. Others may disagree, but that's how I was taught. It's not like we who are initiated are keeping it secret. It's not our secret to keep. Blessings to you.
    • The information on how we choose our ori and how our guardian orisa are selected/appointed are stored in odu ifa. Research the odu ogbe ogunda or ogbe yonu, this odu details how we come to the earth. The information included in ogbe yonu covers the different steps we take to come to earth such as, divination, ebo, the carrying out of the ebo, the choosing of ori or destiny, visiting the palace of olodumare, the assignment of our guardians (orisa/s etc). Perhaps one of the babalawo will expound and fill in some of the blanks but we forget these things on our journey to earth and are reminded by ifa (or divination) while we are here in order to be placed on the correct path for our current lives.

      So why Oya for you? Because this is the orisa or one of the orisa that you need in your life to help you maximize your experience and happiness here. People sweat personal preference, don't get caught up in this, the orisa/s that you are assigned to worship are the ones that are perfect helping you through the ups and downs of your life. The characteristics of an orisa's children are an interesting side study that has merit but is ultimately a secondary consideration. Focus on this, once your head is marked correctly, this is the orisa (or one of the orisas) that you need the most to get the most out of life.
      • Iba, Brad, these are the kind of well informed and interesting posts I enjoy reading. Thanks for posting. It's too bad that the person who originally asked for the information has unsubscribed - typical Oya behavior, I'd say? But others will find this thread interesting. I agree with what you've said about Oya, but despite her harshness, I really appreciate her so much, she is the one who sweeps out the old so the new can come, even though we are kicking and screaming the whole time that we don't want anything to change. For people who get stuck in old patterns that aren't working for them, Oya's energy is necessary, it's hard sometimes because it feels like the whole world has turned upside down, but after a storm there is the calm, and there's room for growth and renewal. I've felt a lot of Oya energy around me and in the world lately, it feels like a lot has been in upheaval. Has anyone else noticed this? The past couple of months have been rough. One other thing about Oya that is important to me is that she guards the gates to the cemetery because part of her job is to keep those who belong in the world of the living among the living, and keep the realm of the dead for the dead. This is a tough job, but Oya is the spirit who can help the most when people are depressed and thinking of suicide, as you mention in your story, we don't know what the future holds, and if we check out early, we miss the blessings. I think Oya sometimes blows up a storm in our lives to say "get on with things, move it, you need to grab at what's offered and let go of things that no longer serve you, don't whine, be strong, and use my energy to create the life you want." She offers "hard love," and helps people get through a crisis with her fierce energy. Blessings to you.
        • hello this is the lady that wrote this thread.I made a new account because my page was deleted,I did not intend to. I am grateful for all the detailed information. I understand a little bit more but for some reason I am very pushed and interested in this religion,..this is all new to me,..I am still confused..I am not initiated yet... I have so much to learn. It's like I am finding out whos my truth self..,its like I am finding out whats really my destiny. what advice would you give you to a 20 yr old newbie who never thought she would be interested in this? how can I find a house or people? mind is scattered and again thank you for the wonderful responses.
          • Hi Morena, glad you came back! What makes you ask about Oya specifically? Usually people who are not initiated and are relatively new to the religion don't know who they're the child of, that is to say, the ceremony for finding out the Oricha who owns your head comes much later, once you have been in the religion for a while, at least that's how it is in the tradition I come from. I would suggest that you learn about all the Orichas, don't focus on any one in particular, not yet. Reading books and finding information on the internet is one way to learn, but it will only touch the surface of things. I have an educational website you can look at, if you are wanting an overview:
            Finding other people who practice the religion can be easy or hard, depending on where you live. Give it time, the people will appear, if you are meant to follow this path the Orichas will lead you to people who can help you. My religious family is in Cuba, I met them through mutual friends. Everyone in Cuba knows someone who is in the religion. Here in the US, it depends where you live, there are big communities in Florida, New York, New Jersey, growing communities I've heard in California, Georgia, Illinois, etc. Check out the people here in the tribe, some of them might live near you and can hook you up. I met people here where I live now by going to drumming events, dance festivals, etc. where I noticed an Afro-Latino presence, botanicas, there was even a meet-up group that got together once in a while to talk about the religion, give workshops and classes, etc. Check out what's in your area. Blessings to you.
        • laughing at the typical oya behavior comment lol, well idk about that but I am a very sensitive can cry over the littlest things..get mad angry I am very possesive and jealous and when I am mad oh boy I am a different person,I lost my voice yelling once but I am a very sweet person:)
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    As Omo Oya..I'll take a crack at this. My own personal experience (again this is only based on emperical destiny..and nothing books ..not pataki, nor even even Odu ..even though I am an Awo) that Oya is an extremeley, violent and combative energy, w/ a tendency towards liking physical combat for it's own sake..very easily offended...w/ a ton of pride. Ok..not all good qualities it would appear. But the energy of Oya is so so industrious.....very driven..not the type to sit around as a couch potatoe eating chips and watching Jerry Springer..etc all day. a very ambitious energy...a constant (again for me) energy swirling though one body...really the antithesis (sp?) of the stereotypical peaceful energy of spirtual illumination that the mass media (new age??) perpetuates. But believe me if you have been around some extremely powerful beings.....the feeling is often full of energy......not a calm peaceful energy..that one would presuppose. In short ..for me Oya is a "hard" feeling energy.
    Now the reason our Ori chooses to have a specific guardian Orisha for a particular lifetime..(again personal opinion..from experience) if that that type energy is necessary for one to fufill their destiny..whatever that my be....plain and simple. If one is to be a physical warrior (or even a warrior like character in business or politics)..Oya..Sango..for example..would be an appropriate energy..Sango especially if one is to be a leader. However the reason for an Ori (when talking Ori ..i not only mean the Ori Inu/inner head..but also one's Iponri..and other components of our infinite core ) choosing a particular Head Orisha could be something other than accomplishing things in the outer world..but simply to learn an important lesson. Maybe choosing be successful as a leader in business.....then to be severely humbled financially and otherwise as to learn the difficult lesson that every person/component of creation is as important as as any matter their status in the material world. As posted ...Ogbe Ogunda specifically talks about one choosing one Ori before incarnating, Ogunda Meji, Irosun Meji and OTurupon Meji also address Ori . Yemi Elebuibon in his Healing power of Sacrifice book goes into the steps in Orun, before Olodumare, the Gatekeeper, Ajala ..etc before being born and the ebos necessary. As a slight digression .. one of the most beautiful stories I've read..and there was no Odu Ifa cited for this in the about a man who lives a wretched life for about 40 years..and he decides to commit suicide..and while trying to committ suicide..passes out and he finds himself in heaven near the gatekeeper /Onibode who yells at him telling him he is not supposed to be in heaven yet. the man co mplains about his life and then Onibode locks him up and tells him to listen as many "souls" recite their destiny and the gatekeeper seals thier destinies as they then go down to earth. So the listening man understands that his life up to that point had been in accordance w/ his destiny. Onibode then shows the man a room full of earlthy riches that were to have been his after age 40, and tells him due to his killing himself..he forfeited all of these blessings. Well the man cries and pleads so much for the blessings that would have awaited him that Olodumare himself allows him to go back to earth for a "10 year lease" to enjoy the predestined blessings awaiting him. Ase!!
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      Brad is pretty accurate. My boyfriend is omo eleggua & Oya. Let's just say that he's special! Lol On Saturday my good friend had a tambor for eleggua. My 8 year old daughter who is usually frightened by the orishas (especially Ochun) Lol, really wanted to talk to eleggua. Eleggua put his hand on her head and said "Maferefun Yansa" he said not to cut her hair and that she has to do Santo but with me. What's interesting is that he said there was some trouble when she was born other when I was delivering her and afirst I didn't remember but then it clicked that when she was born, she was purple. The cord was around her neck and even when they cut it off, she was still not breathing. I wonder if this is why Oya claimed her. Of course she will have to get her ikofa to confirm but I truly don't doubt it. She is a tough one with a super strong character. And when she's mad, let's just say, she's MAD and it's not easy to deal with at all. Oya is a very powerful and amazing orisha. When she comes down, she is no joke & quite frightening. But beautiful nonetheless. Maferefun Yansa & all the orisha!
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        I have heard people say children of Oya have mysterious eyes. Something with there eyes. From my experience her children are very passionate. When they love they put 100% into there relationship. They can be jealous and sometimes over bearing with there partner. When things get redundant they tend to stray & get over things quickly. Always need some excitement with there relationships
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          My best friend is an Oya, she definitely keeps my friendship fun...I love her dearly from a far. Oya females' don't mix well with others. I thinks it's their manly ways and warrior attitude that keeps them from being friendly. I love my dear friend Oya, we balance each other out for I tend to be the sensitive type and always see the beauty in all, when Oya could see the opion is that Oya is a nessecary in my life; for she tends to make the change when it is much needed. I love you besty, BFF, Mafererfun Oya...appreciation is a must.
      • This post was deleted by Oni Yemaya
      • this is the lady that did the original thread.I feel like I am about to cry.what you said hit so close to home. I was talking to my mother the other day and she has a "nino de atocha" image on her wall and I ask her who is that person and she said she always pray to him,she said when she has having complications with my pregnancy she prayed to him. if my mom would have never gone to the hospital the date she went I would have died. I believe nino de atocha is synchronized with eleggua right? correct me if I am wrong and thank you for this wonderful respond, Blessings to you.
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          Gracias a las Miscerdicordia... Elegua catholic form is Santo niño de Atocha. It varies on deferents realms on how you will like to portray him. Elegua is always praised first; for he holds the keys to ur doors. Start by learning on who is Elegua...and take it from there. Chau
          • Bendiciones,

            Among Oya females, I have seen mannish, bellicose ones; quiet, ferociously observant almost loner ones, and ones at first glance you would swear are Oshuns so, to me,She cannot be summed up so nice and neat thru Her children. To me there is very little Her children cannot do but that does not mean a child of Oya can do anything. Oya seems to demand developing a strong sense of self and acting based on staying true to that inner core. They do not have much time for bull$hit but need not be always confrontational when they smell it. Oyas can be sweet as honey but they get theit point across that they are not fooled or buying into false faces. They tend to be discerning of character. Oyas sometimes have a hard time loosening the reins when it is necessary and want to remain in control but with righfully gained trust, they can learn to relax. Oyas seem to give of an air of standoffishness even when they aren't doing anything particular "offensive" least others tend to see them as such.

            Oyas seem to tend not to immediately wholeheartedly fully embrace their Head Orisha, it seems to take a while to sink in.....not that unflattering things sometimes said about their tendecies and even physical characteristics help. Few will be Xena incarnate, some may have a talent for communicating with Muertos and a goodly number may contemplate why? Seeing Oyas develop that relationship with Her is particularly insightful to me.....sometimes they start out as much in the dark as those who are not Her chosen. Seeing how Oyas grow thru Her influence has made me understand Her more. Oya seems to be deeply personal to Her children and they may never find the perfect means to fully communicate the depths of their relationship to Her...some things are just between them and Her.

            Oya is one of my favorite Orisha and one who I feel I am so NOT like but I am quite close to a female child of Oya so it is all good.

            Her sometimes fearsome ways and all
            Maferefun Oya
            • Thank you for the wonderful information,God bless you! I had a dream the other day . all I saw was like a white paper and it was written: "oya" thats all I saw in black,the words OYA in my dream. what can this mean? I am so confused.I feel retarted lol
              • Bendiciones,

                Dreams and/or other signs like these doesn't necessarily mean drop everything and focus all of your attention on this or that Orisha. It probably means She and/or her energies are influencing you life at the moment but not necessarily you are a child of Oya. You should contemplate how Oya's powers are manifesting or influencing your life at the moment, especially where much change is needed but again, a great calling may not be intended. There is really not much to be confused about and if still in doubt, one can always get a Reading for clarity.

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