Characteristics of Ochuns children?

topic posted Thu, November 15, 2012 - 9:13 PM by  Gypsie
I know this is a tired topic and that each person is an individual but I mean generally what are the characteristics of Ochuns children especially daughters. Based on your own personal experiences of course... And not just the usual things like vain, stylish, likes money and nice clothes. I mean if that is your experience then by all means but I was focused more on general attitudes, romance, sexuality, anger, prone to magic etc? And also how those dynamics may play out amongst other children of Ochun n yemayas children or love relationships between omo ochun and like ONI chango or oggun? Forgive any strange typos I'm on my iPhone. Just curious and just for fun.
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    Fri, November 16, 2012 - 6:53 AM

    LOL, well from the male point of view, Oshun can be a tricky one. Yes I have seen Her fair share of gay men and metrosexual types and those who would be home on the cover of GQ or Esquire but it alo goes deeper than that. Sometime she can grab hold of someone so intensely it is almost scary. That person may have been told in Readings why it is so but, if you were going by the general stereotypes of Omo Orisha, you would not have a clue. I think Oshun children like to be clean though some may find it difficult to, especially in the Whites. I think we tend to have a creative spark and like the fine arts or dancing and singing and music, it is in our souls. We sometimes appear to have the good life with everything coming up roses when nothing could be further from the truth. I don't think we like to broadcast our real troubles but will confide such to a few close friends. Oshun's children tend to be "sensitive" to the spiritual side of things, some do well with Muertos. I think our definitions on what happiness is deepens as our relationship with Oshun grows. I like the way a lot of mature children of Oshun feel. I think the slow to anger stereotype generally applies as well as the slow to forgive when you have totally crossed the line with us. I think generally we need people and don't do well in a hermit's existence.

    We are supposed to, more often than not, have a difficult time with love. I think maybe children of Oshun put ther heart on the line sometimes moreso than others. We are supposed to be on the lazy side, maybe next to an Ogun (LOL). Some are good cooks. Yemaya's and Oshun's seem to do well though Yemaya's can sometimes be overbearing and overly critical of Oshun's, though usually they mean well. Every Oshun child will eventually surprise ay think you know but there is always something you don't. I have not found a roomful of Oshun's to lead to a catfight, actually we seem to get long quite nicely with each other. We need attention sometimes, often out of insecurity as much as vainness. Oshun's and Chango's can be intense together. Chango's though sometimes seem to form a club all their own, a bunch of Chango's together is certainly interesting. I think male children of Oshun have a different set of experiences with the other Orisha children than female children of Oshun. I am more comfortable around Ogun's than Chango's, both are cool though. Oshun's and Oya's are supposed to do well . I think Oshun's are pressed hard to manifest Her, people wanna see the Oshun in Oshun's. Generally, we GOTTA know and soemtimes we are given a little leeway in this in the Religion. I think we tend to be idiosyncratic. We are supposed to have trouble with money

    of course, as stated, this is all in fun but I think we do have good hearts and will self sacrifice for those we love.
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      Tue, November 20, 2012 - 11:13 AM
      Well i don't put much stock into characterizing any of the orishas and this is my reason why,for well over thirty years sveral santeras/os,obas,and yes even babalawos have all told me at the mat that ellegua was my guardian angel and that he claimed my head,that i needed to make ocha as soon as possible to save myself from the threat of iku,well i never believed and trusted any of their words as i witnessed how much they took advantage of people for the money they had.For quite a long time after my first madrina died and i simply gave up on the dyfunction of my ile after that,so i resolved to be content with trying to do the simple things my madrina had taught me and leave it at that.I met quite a few priests and priestessess after that each offering to make my ocha which very expensive and required lots of help and they all had to recieve derecho(payment),well again not feeling comfortable ,i refused to make ocha although i had lots of money,and so decided ellegua knew me and i believed i knew ellegua,that was sufficient for me.Twenty five more years passed by,with sveral more priests telling me ellegua was still waiting.To get to the point,I prayed ferverently for 7 seven long awesome years for godparents to come into my life.My madrina turned out to be a yemaya priestess of 28 years santo from cuba,my yubbonna was a 21 year old ochun living in cuba and married to my godfather a babalawo of more years than he is willing to tell his godchildren(his son by the way is my godfather in ifa and he lives in america.I decided to take the step of faith and find out what my true destiny was.I recieved orula with bufaka,and a full set of warriors in ifa.At my ita i asked every saint i knew whether they had claimed my head and i got an exhausted list of nos.Finally with a burst of electrical energy,the babalawo asked and replyed with a shout,STOP ASKING ALL THESE OTHER,I HAVE BEEN WAITING FAR TOO LONG TO CROWN YOU MY SON,THE MESSAGE CAME FROM OCHUN,I WILL CROWN YOU NO MORE THAN A YEAR AND A DAY FROM THIS VERY MOMENT.Orula went on to tell my that when i was born(i was born very premature-less than 3 pounds) and was expected to die before 3 days had passed,i was kicked out of my mother's womb by another women my mother had a violent fight with,Ochun quickly went to ellegua and made a pact with him,he then promised ochunthat he would care for me and protect me,he adopted me and he raised,that is what everyone saw when they looked at my characteristics and even when the read at the again i say i don't characterize anyone or anything for that matter,it can fail,IMAGINE IF I HAD LISTENED TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE,I WOULD HAVE PUT THE WRONG SAINT IN MY HEAD,AND GREATLY OFFENDED MY TRUE GUARDIAN ANGEL THE SWEET OCHUN.MAFEDEFUN ORULA,MAFEDEFUN ELLEGUA,MAFEDEFUN OCHUN.
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    Fri, November 16, 2012 - 10:42 AM
    Just some quick observations -

    Tend be clueless when it comes to observation, and I mean literally looking for something. They will pass over an object everyone in the house is looking for, sometimes even pick it up , put it back down and then when someone else finds it say "Oh I didn't see that there"! Happens all the time!!!!!

    Go to extremes with their children: Either sacrificing everything for them, to the point of depression because they give so much to them and it isn't returned or acknowledged, or they abandon them (send them to live with grandmother etc.) out of inability to cope with the stresses of raising them. The former is more often the case.

    I have known more than a few female Omo Oshuns that have a gift with animals, raising them, being able to coax wild animals into their hands, just a natural ashe with animals in general. Pretty impressive.

    Tend to be very thinned skin when it comes to criticism. I have yet to meet a female Omo Oshun that this wasn't true about. You need to tread lightly in this area or you may very well get cut with a straight razor!

    Oh - and female Omo Oshuns HAVE BALLS BIGGER THAN SHANGO in the face of danger! One time around Jazzfest here in New Orleans some guy ran into a friends car (an Omo Oshun) trying to hustle money - get a quick couple hundred dollars by hopefully getting into a wreck with someone who had been drinking and didn't want the police involved. Myself, the Oshun and her husband had all been drinking. The husband and I are dealing with the four people in the van that hit us trying to be diplomatic and let them air their concerns and demands (both of us Obatala's) when all the sudden the Oshun - this proper, little white lady - screams: Look, all y'all mother f*ckers need to recognize we're bunch of broke ass n*gga's just like you. So if you don't leave either I'mma cut all you bitches and call the cops, or someone else is going to call the cops but one way or the other the cops are coming. Everyone disappeared in seconds...

    Men can go a few different ways:
    Usually they all have big hearts and will give you the shirt off their back. Vanity tends to be an issue. Super myopic on financial concerns and can be tight wads in some aspects and over spenders in other aspects (usually over spending on themselves).

    Male Omo Oshuns also have an innate ability to say the most wildly inappropriate things at the wrong times. This is almost a curse with them. And NEVER TELL A MALE OMO OSHUN SOMETHING YOU DON'T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO HEAR... you would be better off saying it over the radio in hopes that no one else heard it.

    And regardless: Male Female Straight Gay, all Omo Oshuns are DRAMA QUEENS! LOL! No offense intended to anyone.

    Also - you need to be very careful with Omo Oshuns as Oshun is a very , very overprotective mother and will f*ck you up for hurting one of her kids so fast your head will spin. Just look at how she demands to eat four legs and you get an idea of what I am talking about.

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      Fri, November 16, 2012 - 11:51 AM

      LOL , Sean I liked your answer as well, not that I agree with all of it ;-) necessarily. Speaking for myself, we Omo Oshuns can hold our tongues but yeah, undisciplined, we can be prone to gossip, sometimes wielding our tongues like weapons. I dislike the DRAMA QUEEN stereotype but I guess, at times, it is deserved. Children of Oshun need not be overall vain.What I mean is that we may unassuming in various aspects of our appearance but most of us have areas we are almost obsessively particular about whether it be hair, skin, is almost a vice. YES.....the animal thing, so true. I think we like to appear in good social graces and standing and being talked about drives a lot of us crazy....sometimes we are overconcerned on this matter.

      Oshuns tend to bring out a lot in others....people laugh...he's being a Oshun, people sigh in exaperation...oh she's being an Oshun, people nod in understanding...oh he's an Oshun. Yep, that's an Oshun for ya. We cannot escape our Head Orisha (LOL). I also think we like flair in our dress style. Some are naturaly gifted at it but I have seen some where its not really their thing suddenly sport some totally unexpected number where you are like, Oh they are having an Oshun moment. I don't think even we realize all we are capable of till we find ourselves thrust into certain situations and there we are doing it. We tend to have talents of great value but also almost ennervating aspects to our personality. Yeah she is (something generously positive) but oh she is also (something terribly negative). We have to sort thru the sour in ourselves to get to the sweet sometimes but it is all good.
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        Fri, November 16, 2012 - 12:27 PM
        I was totally kidding about the drama queen remark. Just had to clarify.

        Some of the closest and most dearest people to me are Omo Oshuns. Maferefun Oshun! She sent me my Yubonna ! And we have so much in common and our lives parallel so much it is scary.
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          Sat, November 17, 2012 - 9:34 AM
          Maferefun Oshun.

          I know some folks may be loathe to generalize, but I really would ike to hear what other think on the charateristics of Oshun's children
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            Mon, November 19, 2012 - 9:55 AM
            I'm a daughter of Ochun and I've tried a couple of times to respond to this thread, but whenever I write anything, I end up erasing it and not posting. It feels too intimate to talk about. I wonder if this feeling of vulnerability and hesitancy to reveal too much is a characteristic of Ochun's daughters? Most people think of Ochun as the happy Oricha who's always seeking pleasure and comfort, but the patakis say that she suffered horrible misfortunes and losses, there was a lot of unhappiness in her life. The patakis say that eventually she overcame the obstacles, but that feeling of "up and down, good luck followed by bad luck" seems to be part of her life pattern. Things don't go smoothly for her, and as the daughters of Ochun get older, they get wiser, they learn not to reveal too much. Why tell other people how to press your buttons to set you off? Better to keep some of that under wraps. The stereotypes about Ochun are protective covers, they present an image to the world that's incomplete. People always underestimate Ochun's daughters, which gives us an advantage when we need to use some of our hidden strengths. Does this idea ring true for anyone else?
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      Sat, November 24, 2012 - 10:29 AM
      Leave to you Sean to state such rediculous bull.All my life i have carried the characteristics of an omo ellegua.For more than thirty years,various santeros/as,obas,and yes even a couple of babalawos have told me i was claimed by ellegua,i carry his traits so much it is uncanny,well when i recieved orula,at ita it turned out ochun claimed me and she made my ocha in cuba less than a year later.I never gossip,and i absolutely never breaks anyone's confidence in me keeping their secrets,the life of a well taught santero is full of secrets and only a fool would share a client's personal bussiness recieved at the mat.Your assessment has so many holes in it,i believe it is insulting to the orishas.Shame on you for being so ignorant and narrow minded.ALAFIA anyhow......ACHE.Your need to expand your mind and your thinking,the orishas and their children are not that simple,I notice from your replies that you think you know it all,but you manage to always put your FEET in your ha ha ha ha
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        Sat, November 24, 2012 - 11:23 PM

        Where to begin? I am going to bite my proverbial tongue more so than I usually would, seeing that you suffer from some mental deficiency. You know the clearest indicator of intelligence is being able to discern and recognize "humor and sarcasm". YOU DO NOT GET TO PASS GO nor COLLECT $200!

        It comes as no surprise to me that so many "mistook" you for a son of Elegua. You're certainly special to say the least!

        It might serve us both well if we ignore each other on Tribe, as I am finding it difficult to respond to you in a civil way. And let me state for the record, you are anything but a well trained Santero!
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          Mon, November 26, 2012 - 8:54 AM
          After this comment i will certainly not respond to you ever again.First of all you are not orula(It is orula who said i was a well trained santero,not i.It is ellegua who gives me the awesome ache that i do have,and again that was revealed at ita,not because i feel it,lol.Third you do not know me ,nor have you ever met me.You are always so full of judgements,but you never speak about yourself,when you give information it is never from the heart or from something passed down from the elders,it is always something quoted from a book you read,or some internet site.I don't act like my orisha crowned nor do i desire to be grouped into some profile you have come up with,thats your stuff,not mind,and finnally i do not need or ever will need your approval,acceptance or validation to know who and what iam in the sight of god,the orishas and eggun.My record speaks for itself and i don't answer to anyone but god,my orishas,and my god parents.My ocha life of ire yale won't and can not be tarnished by the likes of you,and my orisha ochun will always be more than,much more than a bunch of characteristics,many which are an insult in my eyes,go a little deeper.My destiny is certainly not shaped by your thoughts,your actions or your personality,you can't touch this,and watch the way you refer to ellegua(the negative way you compare us and catagorize us in the eyes of others.Ache is far reaching and invisible.I admitt your right we don't need to exchange anything on this site,so,respectfully i apologize in advance for anything i've said or will say in the future up here on this site as iam very small in the sight of god,and i have to be more than my comments.Iam sorry if i offend you.I will watch my mouth,and respond to the topics ,not the people from now on,ALAFIA ABURE.
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            Mon, November 26, 2012 - 11:52 AM
            Your only interest it seems it to tell everyone what magnificent ashe you have and that when you fart unicorns and rainbows fly out of your ass.

            Please, I beg you - point out ANYTHING I HAVE SHARED here on tribe that comes from a book, ANYTHING! As a matter of fact, I never comment on anything that hasn't impacted me personally or that isn't something I haven't been directly instructed on with my Godparents.

            When you share ANYTHING - be it from your heart, or from your ass where your info usually originates (which is why I have issues with you) you immediately thrust into a long Castro'esque diatribe about your Ashe and special powers. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR ITA BUT YOU!
            Every time you comment, you spin shit around so that it revolves around you... Narcissist much?

            You're so obtuse and vain you're proving the very stereotypes I was JOKING ABOUT!
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    Fri, November 23, 2012 - 3:06 PM
    oshuns are very sensitive and they ey cry a lot,they are also misunderstood,they also have a lot dreams that come true.tyhey do also have a lot of bad luck in relationships and for some reason they attract guys that are damsels in distress ,the type of guy that gets used to her nurturing ways and can become lazy,they can give too much at times.
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      Sat, November 24, 2012 - 1:06 PM

      Well Darrel you keep talking about how you hve been exhibiting characteristics of an omo Ellegua so threads like this are not totally off base. I think we are all in agreement characteristics are no way to determine one's crowning Orisha and, in your case, Ellegua's strong prescence seems to have been overshadowing your true Head Orisha though, admittedly, I am not quite sure how that happened. I guess Reading skills do vary. I am happy it all worked out in the end, though.

      These things we are taling about I don't think are meant to be set in stone.. they are just people's experiences and what they have observed. During the times when we are preparing for rituals long before their official start times or cleaning up after, such off the cuff talk does occur and I find it interesting. Like it or not, folks will size us up partly based on what Orisha rules our head and preconceived notions of characteristics of omo Orisha do exist. These things should not overrule solid ritual and ways of doing things. I have heard all kinds of crazy thing attributed to the characteristics of children of certain Orisha. Eventually the truth about the individual comes through and the uniqueness of that omo Orisha is seen, hopefully.

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        Mon, November 26, 2012 - 9:09 AM
        Iam sorry you misunderstood what i was trying to say,Idid'nt mean to say i had characteristics of any orisha,what i was trying to say was others have characterized me,others have said that i behave like ellegua or this saint or the other,conversation ended,i just don't see orishas that way or the people of god,we are much more than that,thats all iam saying.
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    Sat, April 25, 2015 - 2:54 PM
    It depends on a few factors the initiatory state of the person not all children of ochun have the same characteristics as another take me for instance I have some of the typical traits but for the most part I'm more serine at times serious and even my job is not typical since I'm retired from the army which some people would say is unusual for a son of ochun.

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