just got a rayamiento but my padrino doesnt know i have a gf?

topic posted Wed, May 16, 2012 - 8:28 AM by  jackie
So heres the problem i just got scratched 2 days ago i am a very spiritual person i love this religion. i feel like i am very connected to it. My dad is a palero for 28 years and a santero. I was born into this religion. However the problem is i have a gf parents dont know thats because i dont want to feel negative energy and judgemental remarks from them. I rather tell them when i move out and i am finacially stable so they can deal with that fact on their own and that is if i am still with her. I do still like men it just so happens that i got caught up with a female. Npw question is it bad that i am scratched? My padrino made sure to ask first if i should get a rayamiento and said yes. So i respected the answer and did it and i felt brand new . I love it. I really feel like i am connected to them for some reason its always in my mind. Wheb i got scratched i felt closer i felt positive energy and thats what i love about it. I didnt do it because i want to be a millionair like jayz or someone and some people come into this religion thinking they will recieve somuch which people do but not what they expect. I did it because i love to feel connected to understand my intrest better. Nowmy dad to recieve a loco but before that i would just like to know your opinion and answer if you know 100 percent about this religion on the rights and wrongs. Thanks.
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  • alafia Jackie,

    If you underwent Ocha initiation prior to being scratched you might have a problem. Rayamento usually
    is done prior to Ocha.. However, a santero or santera may be marked which is different then being cut
    after being made in ocha. . I myself have undergone neither rayamento ( being cut in Regla de Palo)
    or being marked ( marked not cut or scratched in Regla de Palo). As for telling this to your godfather or
    padrino, I think you are correct. Tell him after you move out of the house. The reasoning for this as I
    understand it is as follows: Palo deals with the muertos primarily and the muertos alsways come first even
    in the Regla de lukumi.
    Be well, Odun

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