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Next month I will be receiving Olokun...I just want to know what to expect from those who have received this orisha. What is the energy of Olokun like in your home? How do you care for and serve Olokun? What offerings do you give Olokun? what does Olokun help bring or manifest to your life? Why did you have to receive Olokun? I've heard it helps one with wealth and also with connections to the egun but what have you been told who have received Olokun?

Also, were you taught to regard Olokun as male or female?

I'm very excited to receive this great orisha. I look forward to any responses you guys may offer....
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    Tue, October 16, 2012 - 2:32 PM
    I recieved olokun in Cuba from a santera of obatala.I recieved olokun because olukun desired me to.My olokun does not like to be seen by others(i was never told to refer to olokun as male or female,so out of respect i simply call what i recieved olokun)When i recieved olokun i was taken to the ocean where the obatala priestess and a yemaya priestess of 21 years sang beautiful songs to olokun and yemaya and suddenly the waters pushed far from the shore and i was told to choose items from the ocean floor while the santeras continued to sing,as soon as they stopped singing the water rushed back to the shore with brite white foam and a loud crash against the rocks.Later at my ita i was told by the oba and again later by babalawo that i was forbidden to ever enter the ocean because olokun loved me and would swallow me up and carry me to live with olokun forever.I can not even carry ebbo to the ocean,i must have someone else bring it to the waters.I truly miss visiting yemaya and olokun at to ocean.Olukun has given me longevity,better health and spiritual protection.Olokun shows me how to work better with my ancestors that drowned in the ocean as slaves(and there are many egguns from the sea and ocean that live with me.My olokun is easy to care for,I give fruits,candies,fresh and cooked fish,rum.smoked fish,jutia,molasses,candles,cakes and baked sweets,pumpkins,green bananas,etc.Because my olokun does not want to be seen by others,i keep it in my ocha room,which no one enters unless one of my orishas wishes .I can birth other olokuns if someone needs to recieve.I wish to enter into a much deeper relationship with olokun,but i must recieve a very awesome ceremony in order to have that wish,i can't talk about it,the ceremony is very hard on the person recieving it and many pass out when they go through it.It is for ache of olokun which is very dark and mysterious,olokun knows about the world before land was ever formed.I don't sacrifice animals to my olokun unless olokun asks for it,or when i give olokun to someone else,this is an orisha that you don't want hot with the blood of sacrifice.Living with olokun is an awesome experience and i sense olokun's energies through out my house and especially in my heart,My life is forever changed.I have vivid dreams every single night and remember them upon awakening each day.Someone told me that is how olokun visits me.I have never been without money or needs since i recieved olokun.ALAFIA.Oh,olokun's agwan(cleaning ceremony when you recieve olokun)was very auspicious and gave me a spiritual high i will never forget although i can never express what it felt like.All i know is i felt 100 pounds lighter after the cleaning and felt as though i was melting like snow when you come in from the the experience,take good care of your olokun and olokun will take very good care of you.PEACE AND BLESSINGS,MAFEDEFUN OLOKUN,MAFEDEFUN YEMAYA,OLODO.
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      Tue, October 16, 2012 - 8:11 PM
      that's funny: I never was told Olokun was male or female either; however, it's interesting that alot of books and things describe Olokun as one sex or the other. I've been told before too that the seaside ceremony is very powerful, but never heard before that one has to pick their own items from the ocean floor...I'm excited to see how mine will feel. I was told I was receiving Olokun for financial stability and ancestral work, especially because I have many ancestors returned and unborn children around me wanting to speak constantly. Also, Olokun is very protective of my baby girl, although Oshun and Yemonja are her mothers (she's Hija Dos Aguas)....I receive Olokun for her, even though it's long overdue because Olokun stood up in caracole/diloggun reading for my son when I was first pregnant with him years ago also....
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        Tue, October 16, 2012 - 10:57 PM
        While I care not to comment on many of the aspects that you have inquired about, as your Godparent should be the one to inform you of these things, I would like to point out some things regarding Olokuns gender views:

        Olokun - if received from an Olorisha: Is a path of Yemaya. Many people will say THAT IS A SECRET. It is no secret. If your Rama descends from Havana you receive Mayelewo/Mayalewo if your Rama descends from Mantanzas you receive Agana Eri. The tools that are inside, that anyone can go to and look at, are actually fashioned after the pataki of Agana Eri - wherein Olokun sentenced her to the bottom of the sea for attempting to have her sisters murdered. (She was envious of their beauty and this reached a boiling point after her and Orisha Oko had an incident of domestic violence and she lost a breast and was also facially disfigured), As part of her punishment she has to hold a mask in one hand and a snake in the other, reminding everyone (and her herself) of her treachery.

        If you receive Olokun de Ifa - You are receiving Olokun. This ceremony is one of the two most labor intensive Ifa ceremonies, the other being Orisha Oko.

        In the end, you treat Agana Eri and/or Mayelewo as Olokun - you are connecting to Olokun by proxy.
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    Wed, October 24, 2012 - 8:02 AM

    I received Olokun this year, the ceromony was long awaited and beautiful.
    I have not yet made Ocha
    He/She sits quietly in a room.
    I tend to sit there and meditate; however i get really emotional around him when im there, i personally was told not to bother him and keep him covered.

    Look forward to any thoughts

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