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topic posted Sun, March 7, 2010 - 2:45 PM by  Alli
Hi I live in NY and I am looking for someone GOOD and HONEST to help me. Does anyone know of a santero or a babalow (IFA) they can recommened to me? I have been to a few people but they were all frauds. I am looking for baby steps in this maybe just start out with a reading and go from there...... Thank you so much!!!! Alli
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New York
  • Hi I was on this site and this man seems honest im still not sure, but if u go to him tell me how he is and If I go to him ill tel u how he his I am looking for the same thing go to his website if that one does not work try't buy no of the stuff that he's selling going to give him a try there are ot many fake ppl out there ...if he works and u go to him first please let me know......
    • I forgot to tell u his number and addy is on the website he also shows a certificate that's why I told u go look and no I don't know how he is lol its just his website that caught my eye.....
      • thank you so much! I actually saw that site last night and I am a little leary of the fact he's selling things that you can buy for $99. cents @ a botanica in queens on Roosevelt Avenue......but i will maybe start out with a shell reading and see what he says. Let me know as well! ty again!

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