Attracted to a stranger !!! lol

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Ok I have a question that i am very interested in getting all of your input ??? So what do you think about being attracted to a stranger?? I mean to the point where you just had to talk to that person... It is out of character for you but you cant help it and when you finally write to the person your in suspense waiting for your response.. and you have a feeling like you known them and the attraction is very strong...
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    Sat, November 27, 2010 - 6:50 AM
    I'm assuming u mean through a website since u mentiioned writing to the person n not knowing who they are. That's happened to me once in my life and it was just smtn in me like u said every fiber in my body pushin me to talk to this person. Like a magnet. N we connected on a spiritial level n it was the religion that brought us... Ill leave it at that ;)
    sometimes you're drawn to people for spiritual reasons. In this world it can be someone that ur spirits want to help you or maybe vice versa or maybe u can learn from that person. Also sometimes its orishas themselves that I believe can pull a person towards another one. For example naturally you see a lot of hijos de chango bein drawn to hijas de ochun (due to the orishas love for one another). Sometimes obviously its not that and its just an attraction of some sort... Who knows
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      Sat, November 27, 2010 - 8:14 AM
      it could also be that muertos are atracted to each other like u could have a madama that in her life she had a husband that walks with the other person or sprits that were family like sister or brother could be many things

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