topic posted Sat, June 26, 2010 - 2:43 PM by  Camila
Hi all, one question: yesterday I received a rogacion. So far I've only heard that afterwards one feels very calm and sleeps well. But I hardly slept at all and when I slept it was very shallow. In addition I had a headache while sleeping the whole night through. I woke up at 6am and when I tried to fall asleep again I had a rather weird dream which somehow felt unpleasant though I cannot say why.

Still today I felt really good. I was cheerful & when I had some negative thoughts I was easily able to switch back to positive thoughts again- So all in all the rogacion seems to have worked.

My question is now: Is this normal that one sleeps worse after a rogacion & does this and the headache mean anything? Thanks!
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    Sat, June 26, 2010 - 11:56 PM
    Hi Camilla,
    To answer your question bluntly the answer is no this is not typical. However, sometimes people will have odd experiences with a rogacion due to a myriad of reasons. This process really opens up your crown chakra and clears out a lot of stuff so it can be pretty intense especially if it is your first one. The headache though seems a bit odd. Do you know the person well that gave you the rogacion ? If so do you know who they are crowned to? And lastly do you know who crowns you. There are a whole bunch of factors when it comes to putting hands on an ori. The fact is that a licensed santera no matter what her crown can give someone a rogacion but for example: It is not the optimal situation for a santera who is an Oya to give a rogacion to a child of Yemaya and vise versa but it is possible and not incorrect or another example is if a santera would have ocha meji as a sign for lets say Chango and someone comes to them that is a child of Chango but their head hasn't been marked yet so the santera doesn't know. They are innocent and not doing anything incorrect but it can still affect the client. This religion is very deep. Take myself for instance I have a sign in my Ocha where a santera with a certain orisha is not supposed to touch my head. Prior to ocha when I first got into the religion a santera with this orisha gave me a rogacion. In the middle of the rogacion my nose started bleeding and I got a bad headache. Now I'm not trying to scare you or say this individual should not touch your head or they did something wrong. This was a case specific issue but I'm just giving you a deeper understanding to the depth of this religion. Everyone is a unique person with their own individual destiny. Even two people with the exact same sign are two completely different people. This religion is something else!!!
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      Sun, June 27, 2010 - 9:22 AM
      Thanks, so much! I've been knowing the babalawo since last year but he's very well respected here & he was recommended to me by someone whom I trust & who has a long family history in the religion. Therefore I'm sure that he knew what he was doing & that he didn't mean me any harm. But I don't know his crown & I don't know who crowns me. For some time now I'm a bit hesitant to take the next step because I know that this is a very serious thing...

      But I think I'll have to investigate further then & talk to the babalawo. I had the feeling that there was some internal fight going on & I had the impression this was just a beginning....
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        Sun, June 27, 2010 - 7:28 PM

        I have to say, I heard the exact same thing about a "rogacion de la cabeza", that I would sleep like a baby. However, the opposite has been true many times. Sometimes my sleep has been heavy and relaxing and at other times, I would awaken throughout the night and adjust the stuff on my head every few hours.

        It really depends on what is going on with you and your environment. Don't look for something being wrong or off because your experience is not matching exactly as someone else has relayed. I personally have to receive rogacions every thirty days at the feet of Obatala and they include Pigeons, Snails and lots of herbs... I don't always get a good nights sleep with Snails on my head! Who'd a thunk, right?

        Also - seeing that you received your rogacion from a Babalawo, much of what "Eleri Ocha" wrote does not apply to your situation. If your guardian Orisha is known, the rogacion may or may not have been specifically tailored for that Orisha. Most commonly you would receive one for Obatala if your guardian Orisha is not known.
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          Tue, June 29, 2010 - 12:34 AM
          Thanks, Sean! But snails? *yuk* Thank God, that it has only been coco...

          I send a message yesterday to the Babalawo about my experience because I thought it might be better if he knew but no reaction so far. Sometimes I get the feeling though I'd like to take the next step in the Religion, the Religion doesn't want me because this wasn't the first time it has happened. Sorry, just a little bit of frustration....
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            Thu, July 1, 2010 - 11:03 AM
            hello everyone...Camila? was this the 1st Rogacion u ever had? i hope u dont mind me not disagreeing with any of the above..all have a good point..
            I've come across many that dont have a full understanding of a rogacion -even though theres many reasons for it...but many new to the religion..will have confuseing thoughts when trying to take these steps with in this beautiful religion.
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              Fri, July 2, 2010 - 8:03 AM
              Hi CC, yes this was my 1st rogacion. I was the "result" of a reading I had last week.
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                Sat, July 3, 2010 - 4:32 PM
                hello are u?;-) well i must agree with everyone that has replyed on this it again..if needed..and take all their words to heart..for their wisdom may open your heart and mind...i know its hard for many that dont really understand these spiritual paths..but theres always a meaning to all that happens to us...Camila? how much do u know about these paths..if u dont mind me asking?..the reason i ask these questions are because many at that state wont really understand the steps and things that come with!many will question it..not saying is a bad thing..for anything..its good to ask..but everyone's experience will be diffrent..for we are all diffrent worlds..remember that..;-)
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                  Sun, July 4, 2010 - 11:21 PM
                  Hi CC, what do you mean by "paths"?

                  Through the readings I know that I should receive Elegua & that Elegua & Orula are waiting for me. And though I wasn't sure for a long time if I was prepared to take the next step, I now think that I am. Before the rogacion I had a "health" problem for several years & now after the rogacion it's almost completely gone - it feels so amazing & I still can't believe to...
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                    Re: Rogacion

                    Sun, July 4, 2010 - 11:31 PM
                    hello glad that u feel good..what i ment by these spiritual paths...meaning..santeria..Ifa..Palo..Eggun and other paths that come with the mysterys..;-)and so on...but i am really happy your doing better.
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                      Mon, July 5, 2010 - 6:22 AM
                      Hi CC, thanks :-) !

                      I 'd say that I know more or less about the or some spiritual paths. Still I don't know if "my" Babalawo is following Santeria or Ifa - though I can't remember that I've seen any figurines or pictures of saints in his house. And once he said to me that he considers "it" more a philosophy than a religion which maybe a hint that he follows Ifa. I've seen a Boveda in his house & I doubt that he's a Palero.
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                        Mon, July 5, 2010 - 8:51 PM
                        ;-) giggle-giggle-.. a babalawo?! oh he knows alot about the santeria...and of palo and so..he just follows Orula..which has everything to do with IFA..;-) take the time to talk to he can explain his walkings with in these paths.;-) im sure youll understand why im giggleing..;-) just sit down and talk to him..being a babalawo..plays a big part in all these way or another...why? everyone from one time to another..needs to go through see what he has to say.;-)
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                        Re: Rogacion

                        Tue, July 6, 2010 - 9:03 PM


                        Re: negative(initial) reaction to feeding your ori/rogation..that is common for me too,,.it is just resistance...and a good sign it is working.
                        You can do that on your need to be initiated to feed your head. If your babalawo is a real one properly initiated..he is only following IFA.
                        I myself would not trust a babalawo also involved in Palo. It is actually forbidden, at least in my lineage, to get initiated to Palo after doing your Itefa. And i have not known any honest sincere, credible Awos involved in Palo...but then that is just me. If he is a true Ifa Priest he is not using anything but Opele or Ikin/palm nuts. If he says he is a babalawo and using cowrie shells . Even if he is using Opele and if he is not really citing the odus or their info /prohibitions and ebos..but giving you info like a spiritualist or psychic would....that is another big red flag.

                        Good Luck.Opewale
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                          Re: Rogacion

                          Wed, July 7, 2010 - 6:40 AM
                          I live in NJ, I met a babalowa, who was once in Palo... He told my Best friend &I, one day.
                          it's funny... b/c when i had a situation, i need clarity on.. i knew where I could've found him. But something insde me keep me back.. After reading this reply from Opewale, it amazes me.
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                          Wed, July 7, 2010 - 12:01 PM
                          Thanks, Opewale!

                          Yes, after 2 weeks I've still got the feeling that it worked. It really surprises me as I've been suffering from it for so many years & I'm a very "brain-driven" person.... Therefore (and for other reasons) I guess I'm ready to take the next step - even though it'll be a small one...

                          I know I'm pretty ignorant but I've been quite cautious & and I don't consider myself as being credulous. I asked someone I trusted if he knew a good Babalawo. He and his family are deeply & seriously involved in the Religion. He gave me the name and told me that we were lucky to have him living in our city. Both times he was only using Opele and he was citing the odus or their info /prohibitions (as far as I know :-) ).

                          If he was involved in Palo I wouldn't consult him anymore. I read something about it and I feel that it doesn't suit my personality and my way of thinking & seeing the world. It actually gave me the creeps reading about it - but maybe that's only b/c of my ignorance as well... But I know this is something I'll have to find out before I take the next step
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                            Fri, July 30, 2010 - 8:54 PM

                            Hi..sorry i have not remarked /responded..i do not go on line that much.
                            Since you seem to have some difficult things going on..i would firrst advise you to set up an ancestor shrine....both Awo Falokun on his website and John Mason in his book(4 New World Yoruba rituals) gives good guidelines about setting up a shrine. Your ancestors are always there for you ..and there is no need of any level of initation for this. You can call on them and ask them to come into dreams with advice ....a pep talk...etc,
                            Then if you want ......mason's book will give you guidance on using obi/coconut for simple yes/no answers to questions.

                            Hope your babalawo is a honest one..but again...i would if i were you..i'd set up your egungun shrine. They are there to protect and bless you on your journey/destiny.


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