Can You help me, I have a question about being a child of Eleggua

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Can you help me, I have a question about being a child of Eleggua

#1 First off, I was told that I am a child of Eleggua but I have often questions it, because I am not not a childish man, nor am I very trickery, I do have a very good sense of humor. I am not wild and loose or out of control, actually Im the total opposite of all these characteristics. I am actually very analytical, careful, some people say I act like a old soul. I dont like clubs, yet I do like to drink. I am a virrgo, an earth sign, and if you know anything about Virgo, we very kinda of boring people and very truthful. I am not a liar by nature I have told a couple. I am very good at persuasion though.

I struggle with being a child of Eleggua because I dont understand how my babba would be someone characterize as someone very unpredictable, capricious, party animal, tricky, fickle....when honestly I am none of these things. I am person who is very structured, loyal, love the truth, very compassionate, very careful and analytical in everything and don't like taking chances. I am very faithful in my relationships though I do have a high sex drive. It is possible that my reading was incorrect?

#2 Secondly i was told that the Esh that walks with me is Eshu Koima Koima

But I cannot find out any information on this path of Eshu. I have search desperately on some info on this path of Eshu in hopes that maybe this path of this Eshu has some similar characteristics of myself and maybe help me understand some possible similarities of myself.

Please help me out with this
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  • :) T -

    I was advised of your question on the posting, my apologies it took me a while to get on here.

    1) Before I did Osha, and before I pulled down my guardian angel - I was, in my own head, a child of Oya. For ever and ever and ever - Oya Oya Oya. My heart beats, my breath catches, and I live solely for the love of that Goddess - there is no greater beauty or passion than Oya to me. When I brought down my Guardian Angel, it turned out to be Eleggua ( I actually did it twice, and the second time I was told that Eleggua would not brook the same question again!).

    When I was having my guardian angel brought down, people were amazed. I wasn't the "stereotypical" child of Eleggua. According to them, children of Eleggua were much as you say, and I did not fit into that stereotype at all.

    However, and I will quote you "I am person who is very structured, loyal, love the truth, very compassionate, very careful and analytical in everything and don't like taking chances. I am very faithful in my relationships though I do have a high sex drive. It is possible that my reading was incorrect?" - you and I share many, many characteristics. I would much rather stay home, studying books on arcane lore and odu and other things than go out to a club - I am an advocate of monogamy, and believe in it very much so, etc.

    If you have gone before someone you trusted to bring down your guardian angel, remember they are still human - but remember that if you did it, you did it with faith - and our faith guides us. The orishas would not allow something that is not to be to happen. Regardless to what people say, Orishas will always do what is right. I have seen someone marked a child of Oshun, because she and her godparents wanted her to be Oshun. Time and time again, Yemaya stood up and said that is my child, I must go on her head.

    They did not listen - during the intitiation, Yemaya came down on the Iyawo, and proceeded to perform some miraculous acts basically, and made her fury known. The girl was crowned Yemaya, and that's that.

    As for the Eshu that walks with you, personally, I have never heard of this path, and after asking my oluo and godfather, they have never had either - the combined two have over 50 years of Osha, and my oluo will be 21 in Ifa this month. The closet I could find to phonetically being possible would not be given to you, as it is an Eshu that is given to those initiated whose crown or secondary parent is Oshosi.

    T - step back, breath. If you are going to people you trust, let them guide you. If you do not trust in these people, than you need to pull back, center yourself, and correct your path. Eleggua, crown or not, is all of our best friends. Everyone is born with Eleggua, and everyone dies with Eleggua (your shadow is your first Eshu, Eshu Ni Pakuo).

    Speak to him - you can literally go, sit at a corner, or in a park on a bench, take some candy with you, and maybe some toasted corn if you can, and scatter it about you, at the corner or park - and just talk. Speak to the air as if your closest friend were there - our Father will hear you. He is everywhere and no where, and everywhere you go, your shadow is there - ask him for guidance.

    Have faith. Children of Eleggua go through some of the hardest times, especially prior to Osha and on their paths, because if our father does not put us through the flame, how can we expect to be strong enough not to break?

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    May Eleggua bless you, and only trip you when you need to see something:)
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      Im starting to believe

      Sun, February 13, 2011 - 1:17 PM
      Something that just came back to me, its something my mother always shared with me I share this cause It most definitely sound like Eleggua was involved, I shared this story with an initiate of Yemeya and he said most definitely Eleggua was wanting me then.


      When I was a baby my didn't have a car and she had to walk everywhere and she said that while she was walking with me she would always trip and fall and she would drop the baby carrier with me in it and I would slide into the street or the middle of an intersection. My mom was a thick woman so when she fell of course she couldn't get up immediately to get me out of the street. She would scream emphatically for help, begging someone to go me out the street. She said that it would always be a man who would running out there in the street to get me, every time.

      Mom said that knew something was strange and she didn't know why she was falling so much and she found it very coincidence that I would always, and she meant always, I would always slide in the middle of the street and most time it would be in an intersection. I will one thing though....that I was an extremely lucky kid my whole life, so luck that family even says that I live a charmed life.

      My mom said that it happened for so long (years). For years she felt like a bad mom, she would pray and ask God to please help her understand what was going on. My mom was a christian and she was very physic and spiritually aware, as a matter of fact she was spiritually powerful. I have literal miracles accomplished by her faith, for example calling the dead back to life(my sister).

      My mom had no idea or knowledge about the Orisha and she died not knowing about them. I remember my telling this story every time with tear running down her face cause she felt so bad. My mom the mother of all mothers and she took the fact that she was a mom very very seriously and she was so warm and loving, she is known by many people for her love and good character, I have no doubt she was a mother of Yemaya.


      My mom said that when she had me, for almost a week she couldn't see me cause she suffered from a fever. When the day came that she could hold me, she said when she looked into my eyes she said it something so peculiar about my eyes. She said if felt like I was literally looking right throw her she said and she felt something come over here to the point where she being to weep and she said that she could even look me in the eyes. She said she a chill run down her back and she felt like God was looking through her through my eyes. She said that she held me up right there in the hospital and gave me back to good and she said that she told God "You have given to me now I give him back to you, All I ask is that you make my child very good man, I don't ask for riches but just that you watch over him and lead him throughout his days, make him holy"

      Well I tell you one thing I am not rich, LOL, but my mom and my father said it was very hard understanding me as a kid cause I could hear God to talking to me. I used to go to my parents and tell them stuff that God was saying to me and most times they would be warnings.

      I remember as a child I would this presence with me so strong that I would be in my room talking to it and I could here them speaking back. I remember growing up how I could sense that it was something trying to kill me and I have come close to death so many times IT IS NOT FUNNY, but I would hear the voice telling "no don't go down the street there is going to be gun shots" and it was, or i would hear "the voice say don't tell her this or tell him that, they don't mean you no good". My mom even took me to hear pastor and said why the other kids are playing how my son is sitting up in the room singing songs to God or does he always say he can feel the tree talking". I grew up very very misunderstood and found to be very strange. I could see right through peoples motives and I could prophecy to a person almost instantaneously if they had a question about was like I could see the situation from the beginning to the end.

      I still some abilities but now like i used to, I want them back again. But I can always tell if someone is lying...lo...always.
    • Maferefun Baba Elegua, mojuba oya. GED you always provide fantastic information. I think baba esu shares a lot of similarities with yeye Oya. I think there manifest is often misunderstood. Neither one of these beautiful Orisa are the boogeyman. I welcome you to check out a link I provided in another forum.
      May baba elegua and yeye oya bless and keep all of us. Mojuba Orisa!
      • Hi, T!

        Ged was the one I was referring to on the Orisha Devotee group, and I am delighted to see him reply to you here! Thank you, Ged!!

        T -- if you were especially protected by God (and/or the spirits of God) as an infant and heard the voice of God (and/or spirits associated with God) as a child, then you still have the ability to ascertain the direction in which God wishes you to go, and those whom you can trust to guide you there. Just listen...

        Good luck!!

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          @ Elaine

          You have any suggestion as to how to reawken it, although Oshun has been causing it to reactivate.
          • Hi, T!

            The simplest solutions are often the best... Get a white seven-day candle and a clear glass of water. Place both in a location where you can safely leave the candle burning until it is completely consumed AND where you can comfortably and privately sit in front of it.

            Light the candle, sit down, and pray. Do this every single day until the candle is done. Pray to the Creator (by whatever name you choose). Speak of those divine gifts that you feel you have lost and wish to recover. Pray of your desire to find a spiritual path that will both lead you to a closer relationship with It and to fulfilling your Destiny. Pray of your need for guidance, and discernment, and protection from those who would harm you. Remind the Divine of who you are and who you wish to be -- of your childhood experiences, your youthful struggles, your adult issues, and your future hopes. Then, shut up and sit and listen. When you walk away, spend the rest of the day paying attention: to your surroundings; to the people that you meet; the things that you experience; the dreams that you have that night. Look, listen, and feel for God's answer...

            Repeat on the following day...

            Be sincere. Be consistent. Be patient. This is your "ebo" (sacrifice) -- your time and your commitment.

            If you seek, you WILL find... are you willing to put forth the effort?



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