Snakes in a dream

topic posted Mon, September 20, 2010 - 8:01 PM by  Ariel
Recently i had a dream i was in Flroida or what I am guessing was Florida. I was with friends in a yard having a great time when i see a snake following me and trying to bite me several times. I kept dodging, kicking it away, grabbed it and flung it to the other side . This went on for a while until it finally bit me on the arm. I remember after it bit me my arm started turning black and all i coiuld do was yell and run around. Everytime i'd look at my arm, the black would seem to start spreading on the arm. I woke up after that shaken and my arm asleep, the same arm the snake bit......... scared the crap out of me.
The thing is, prior to going to bed I prayed that i would have some answers for things going on in my life..

Any help would be appreciated...........Thx.. be blessed Fam...
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    Sat, October 2, 2010 - 6:42 PM
    anyone will tell u that snakes fortell of enemies.. umm enough sid
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      Mon, October 11, 2010 - 11:29 AM
      well it can go ether way...bad or good depending on whats being for the person that psi this is..yes! sweetie..something not good around u..but in other case's we are also protected by snakes..some have spirit anilmals like this and guide us..but like i can go ether way..if its biting..or trying to bite u..thats a no! no.. its not your friend.
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    Sun, October 3, 2010 - 9:42 AM
    Not so sure about santeria, but in vajrayana/tibetan buddhism, a dream about snakes biting or trying to bite you would mean that you've offended the nagas ( If I were you, I would definitely see someone with the ability to fix this situation post haste, e.g., RIGHT NOW, before things become much worse (as it is said that physical imbalances and disorders are often preceded by energetic imbalances, and that we often get signs of them in dreams.)
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      Sun, October 3, 2010 - 7:31 PM
      Thank you both for your responses

      Liberty 418...I briefly read about the nagas. "Naga and Fertility ~Because of its shape and its association with renewal, the serpent is a phallic symbol. This powerful emblem of fertility is thought to bring plentiful harvests and many children -- images of nagas adorn houses and shrines and temples. It is said that when a king once banned snake worship, his kingdom suffered a drought, but the rains returned once the king himself placated Vasuki." found this interseting because i recently had a reading where it showed 2 pregnancies....hmmmm

      Sango..........Another aha moment.... My ex's chinese astro sign.. yup you guessed it, SNAKE. This man has put me thru some serious shizz........ I always thought it had to do with him....hmmmmmmmmm...

      Well, God is good............keeping to my prayers and meditation

      Thank you both again...
      God Bless, A
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        Wed, October 27, 2010 - 3:56 PM
        Right before I got pregnant I saw a big ugly snake and the I had a dream of a big green giant snake that was kind of pretty. I was thinking snakes and in the past I looked upon it like a bad omen but I talked to my African friend from Gambia and she told me it is said whenever a woman has a dream about snakes it is because she is going to become pregnant or a man wants to make her pregnant or someone very close to her will become pregnant . My snakes were not attacking me though they were sitting back with there necks upright not really bothering or anything. maybe one was looking ugly but it was just still not bothering me and they were huge like some anacondas so your snakes might be different or maybe the situation. your hand turning black and spreading like that just seems scary I would be worried but I guess time will only tell you the meaning.

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