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ok well im making
ilekes and i have a question maybe someone can help me
does anyone here know what colors would be needed
for a collar of osain and if there is any particular pattern
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San Diego
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    Osanyin's eleke is made up of all different colours in no particular order. There are other elements that are sewn into his eleke depending on what he asks for, but this is for when you receive Osanyin. The basic eleke of Osanyin is just a mixture of all colours, one bead at a time.
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    Colors and Collars (Ilekes): White, red and yellow. The collar is made up of one white bead followed by nine red beads and eight yellow beads. The pattern is repeated until the desired length is obtained.
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      If you are doing anything in this religion based on the source you listed, I would think again and go and find an elder with a working knowledge of the religion. I have read a lot of bad information out there but I have to say, this one is one of the worst books I have seen in a while.

      As the previous poster stated, osain's eleke is a mixture of all colours.

      Ode Lenu
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        Aboyu Aboye
        Benidcon mayores
        Santos minores.....

        Yes.....that is true......The Los Gurreros in the tradition that is a part of my toolbox and magical amor, and undertaken within the realm of the Babalawo more often than not.
        " go and find an elder with a working knowledge of the religion"
        Totally right on target........make sure to heed that .....otherwise it will look nice, but won't have the formula of
        W.A.R.F.I. {wash it. annoint it, read it, Feed IT, Invoke it} to seal , bless, and lift it.......then put it around your neck in such a manner that the orisha will recognize .thereby engaging in a culture of Awo and Ashe O !!!
        Whom ever that elder and or Teacher has to be the willing , and educable submissive, good student, eager and willing to do it to it the right way, at the right time, in the right operational environment.
        Osain has ALOT to do with medicine , hence the Hyprocatic Oath comes to mind , from the realm of the Ancestors, who set the standard, and through the Egbe Olorun( comrads in heaven so to speak) enable a consistant, powerful specific, meaningful, accurate, realistic, trackable ( the S.M.A.R.T.) formula to endow and charge the object( in this case beads) the trusted, tried, and proven modus operendi.
        Its not as easy as going out to a "shoppe" and buying em from a retailer, which has'nt any EWE to consecrate it.
        Those recipies are only given out accordingly, and in terms of DIVINATION.
        A diviner will be able to tell you what you may NEED.......cause then it may ammount to alot of work, and the spell may flop, cause you surely did nt ground it. Ground it meaning.....its connection to Mother Nature and the Great Sky father based upon the way, that is, the way it is. as it is. What is that ??? That means there are recipie's for the Eleke s that only can be gotten through and also within the gnosis of a Priest or Priestess whom are in sync and symbiosis for the matrix of energy to have the faith object BORN or MADE.
        For that matter.......The ritual of obtaining the eleke of Osainyin is usually enlisted to protect the HEAD(ori) of the Aleyo. Even an Ab orisa doesnt have the sactification, or Ashe to do this alone....thats another reason why this is a part of the mandates of IFA(ika fun) whereas it is written in ese ifa that one does not do , what one doesnt know ,how to do, or why to do, as it its specific, its mechanic s and a clear truthful intention......cause if all of the aforementioned factioids are not adhered unto , you windup with a nice looking set of beads that dont have a link, doesnt have the right energy, and isnt able to do for you what history, and medicine dictates IT to enpower and simply BE.
        So in these things it IS not a Case of....metaphysics , a parallel would be a Chef in the kitchen directing the Apprentice!!!!
        This is an oral mystery religion.
        There is no such thing as the "Original Manuscript Evidence" such as all the infighting and doubtful disputations of BIBLE scholarship and the many version s of the Bible's. Tarot Cards, and other paths of illumination.
        Look at it this way, find a source candle, to light your path, in order to know where your going with IT, you need a compass, a map, and ifa says ....."everything needs it least two legs"! There for that will allow you to be able, without backlash or mishap.
        Putting on the collars, identify s you as a devotee of orisha consciousness ( ori !)....and it can be embarassing when one is told by someone who may just ask you ,where you got em from or whats it all about.!!!!! YOu need to experience this, not just read about it in needs must be put into practice. Osain is a part of the los gurreros.......and if the beads are not "cooked" right it will have the equivilant of a Rabbits foot so to speak wihout merit, without ashe, and without the necessary cargo to energize it.
        Think of it like a radio has to be connected unto the energy necessary to make it work properly....otherwise it an exersise in futility. Without the ceremony and the Ashe, its just a nice looking set of beads. Even gifted people like seers and shamans in other relligions will be able to spot a fraud or a empty vessel n instrument!!! What pray tell can you say on the public transit or in a line up at a mall whereupon an ordained minister or priestess bumps into you and notices those beads and asks you .........
        : " whats up Doc?????"
        Especially strange they may find if they have nt even been lifted as unto Olodumare.Olofin/ and Olorun/Eleda!
        Especially when one wouldnt hypothetically be able to say the lineage , or know the ese ifa , the oriki, the odu ifa , the corresponding herbs and the Energy to facilitate it in a recognizable way.
        There are many ways to be able to get a osain object, it diffterent for Palo, than YTR, which is different that Santeria ,which is sorta kinda different than lukumi....................BUT......they will all usually more often than not agree that its not something one does alone, without merit or authentication.
        Im sorry for preaching a big lecture here, but I have like you ages ago, tried to "wing it" myself, and it was a disaster!!!!!
        Escoffer once said in his French Cusine manual's " Everything in its proper place, and everything placed properly!" regarding Fonds De Cusine{ the foundations of the cooks compendium of repertoire de la cusine.....the BASIC's !!!)
        I have learned this the hard way!
        I hope you wont be offended by my essay of explaining what Lady Ode Lenu was stating as a mater of fact.
        Cause of one tries to cross wire's in Santeria , lukumi ifa and or YTR...going from house to house, from book to book, and reading info o the internet beyond your level of initation and EXPERIENCE, it will lead to conflicts of interests, some confusion and failure.
        I hope you will find a teacher to take u under they're wings to engage you in your flight training.
        Happy Trails!!!
        Blessed Be!!!!

        No pandrino or Mandrina or Baba Awo will leave you in the river of life without a means to swim or paddle your canoe safely, to ensure you reach your destination!!! ( i e Destiny)
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          Awright Hecate... I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED READING THE WHOLE COMMENT!... ( takes smoke break and re-enters room) thanks for your advice. I've learned now that there is so much more to it than putting colors together and attributing them to a certain Orisha. I'm still learning as I go along some of my learning has come from... wait... most of my learning has come from the internet.... reader beware... please excruze my innocence... mea
          Love Ya
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        Thank You Much Sarah... I'm starting to think I was out of order for even doing that. I tried to offer my 2cents but I really have no say for I am inexperienced just an outside admirer of the path.
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          Although I'm posting late, I found it odd that the poster stated "Ok, I'm making elekes" but was unaware of the proper procedure or even what colors were required for the deity.
          Make Note: True elekes can not be brought off a rack in a botanica, or strung by a novice or someone who has not made priesthood. They ultimately are just beads on a string. Neither can there be any proper ritual for those beads.

          Those store bought beads are worn by the dozen (literally) by gang members here in NYC. I always say Alaafia-they look at me like I'm crazy so I repeat it again and maybe a third time, They have no idea what I'm talking about. Then I say "oh I thought you had Orisha. They continue to look at me like I'm crazy, then I say the elekes you have on, They have no idea what I'm talking about, then I say the beads. Then they say "nah, my aunt gave them to me for protection". Then I look at them like they're crazy, my face becomes somewhat distorted, I knit my eyebrows together and say "protection against what"? Before I let reply, I just say oh never mind, and under my breath loud enough for them to hear, "It want protect you from being hit by a bus. Its crazy here in NYC with those beads. You just gotta be there, I know it may not be nice but hopefully it gives them pause.

          Any who,"There is whole ritual that surronds the making of elekes. Hector hit it right on the head: "W.A.R.F.I. {wash it. annoint it, read it, Feed IT, Invoke it} to seal , bless, and lift it.......then put it around your neck in such a manner that the orisha will recognize.

          I would like to add that before all those things the orisha has to first accept the choosen beads. My godmother has had beads rejected a thousand times, the general color was right, but not exact, process of elimination. The color was right but too many distortions in the beads, color and continuity right but too many people have handled the bag the beads are packed in. She even had a bag rejected because there was a red bead inside an all white bag. So many variables before the process can even begin.

          Then the washing and everything Hector stated. This can be a long and arduous process.
          Anybody can string beads, but ultimately it is the work that is put into those beads that makes them elekes. Elekes are only strung for "deities" beads on a string are only necklaces.
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          You are welcome Crystal. Offering advice is something that pretty much all human beings want to do. It was kind of you to research and pull out a link. Sadly the link and information offered there was really a really bad source with little that related to a lucumi ritual. But you weren't to know that. I am glad there are a few people that can offer a more informed opinion. This is what debate is all about.
          I should add that at the end of the day, this is the internet and everyone should check information with their elders.

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