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I am in need of information on anacaona. I found some and asking around but I need all the information I can. I have a stronge bloodline of taino and would love to learn more on her. What she likes and how to call on to her, etc? thanks Seven
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    Hmm that might be better for the Vodou tribe since she is a Haitian lwa. I'm forgetting what other name she goes by at the moment. In Dominica they serve the indios with soft drinks like cola champagne etc., they are a separate division of spirits but in Haiti they are all mixed in to the Rada and Petwo. Can't recall offhand whether Anacaona is Rada or Petwo though.
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    Sat, January 14, 2006 - 8:20 PM
    Hi Seven:

    I was searching for some info online and came across this post (lol). This is actually the name of my company, well, the English translation (Golden Flower). Let me see if I can shed some light on this.

    Queen Anacaona of the Maguana (Taino Tribe) in Hispaniola was the sister of the tribal chief, Boechio Anacauchoa, king of Xaragua. She married to Caonabo. When her husband was taken prisoner, Caonabo was sent to Spain. He died at sea.

    Anacaona inherited the tribe of the Maguana. She maintained unity in the kingdom and fought to maintain peace, disposing of any belligerence relating to the Christians. She was tricked by the Sapnish into bringing all the chiefs of Haiti-Bohio together for a supposedly "great feast". They were all massacred. Anacaona fled into exile until, in September of 1503, they finally caught up with her and hung her to die in the province of Xaragua.



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